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US unity on the way

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In my opinion your best bet would be to tweet them or tweet Ben Kelly who is overseeing things right now. Ben's twitter is @BK_Athletics and he's a great guy!


Outside of that I'm not really sure how to contact them. I have Ben's cell number but I'm obviously not going to put that online.

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"2014 should see the climate change for Rugby League in the USA. With the potential of moving closer to unification comes the interest from several parties to build new clubs for  restructured competitions in the North East, mid-Atlantic and Southeast regions. The push for multi-conferences offers greater flexibility and reduced travel, culminating in an exciting environment for USARL playoffs.  A new chapter for USA Rugby League is on our doorstep." - Peter Illfield



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I'll believe it when it happens...


I've read a lot of big promises from the AMNRL over the years .. most have never been achieved.. what happened to this one from 2005?


"AMNRL Partners with After School All-Stars

In an exciting partnership, the AMNRL is developing youth Rugby League programs with After School Allstars, formerly known as the Arnold Schwarzenegger Inner City Games.

The Youth Rugby League Program will be coordinated by the American National Rugby League and the After-School All-Stars (ASAS). The ASAS will manage the program as an integrated part of its existing after-school programs. ASAS currently serves 40,000 children nationwide.

ASAS has chapters in 15 cities – Atlanta, Chicago, Columbus, Dallas, Detroit, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, Orlando, Philadelphia, San Antonio, San Diego, San Jose, and South Florida. The organization’s core mission is to provide comprehensive out-of-school programs that keep children safe while helping them achieve in school and life.

The AMNRL commenced programs in New York and Philadelphia in 2004 with a plan to develop programs in all cities in the next five years


Original link not available anymore but the text is available on numerous RL forums where is was quoted quite a lot when the news broke..

There are plenty of other AMNRL "highlights" presented on old forums posts also...

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