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Dear people of the West,

I am going to appeal to one or more newspapers for help in searching for a woman who who was very important in the history of women's involvement in rugby league. As far as I can tell from electoral records, she was still in the Huyton-Roby area near Liverpool well into the 1950s.

Can anyone advise as to which newspapers I should contact who may be amenable to a feel-good RL story, or publishing a letter?

Also, does anyone have any idea as to local history groups I may be able to get in touch with that might help?

Anyway, thanks very much if you can help,


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The local papers covering the Liverpool area are The Daily Post and the Liverpool Echo


I played in the NWCARL in the 1980s and we used to go and watch Huyton play occasionally. The club chairman of the team I played for then used to play for Liverpool City in the 60s. 

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Thanks, Griff. Have contacted both.


Is your club chairman still about, do you know?


Unfortunately the last time I saw him he had emigrated to Spain (he was over on a family visit) but I have no idea where and have lost contact with any mutual friends who may know. Have you tried tracking down Mr Huyton, Geoff Fletcher? He began his career there as a player in 1978, then player/coach but ended up running the place virtually single handed before its eventual demise in 1984? 

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