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The Future is League

Now the QRL embarrasses the RFL

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So you are saying that the rfl and Rlef are one and the same, with the rfl bankrolling them and all, but they should stop that, it's not their issue.

Spud's already answered this fairly well.

And it's funny you mention the nzrl, half if my team here have been involved in Samoa development camps I the past month, something the nzrl actively encourages here in NZ.

That's great to hear, but how long has that been happening?

I really hope this isn't a case of "look what we're doing now. Come on you lot, keep up!" when the RFL have been developing the game in Europe for over a decade. It's about time those in the Southern Hemisphere caught up.

That said, my point was the damage that would be suffered by the British game of the nzrl or rlc closed shop on them, but you must have been a bit busy deciding which toys to throw out of the pram next.

Close the shop how? What do the Aussies (ARLC, not the RLC) or Kiwis do for the RFL? I really hope you're not getting at what I think it is you're getting at, because if it is it would be extremely arrogant.

I'd also argue your point about the rfl doing more to develop international league than anyone else, firstly, your point was that it's not the RFLs job to do this, then you try to throw the progressive argument back at me, choose a side mate, you are arguing with yourself now.

It isn't the RFL's job to do it. But they have been doing it. And because of what they've been doing, there is a body in place now that's self sustaining that takes care of the game in Europe.

What have the Aussies and Kiwis been doing for the last ten years to develop the game in the Pacific?

You can't keep giving a man a fish. You've got to teach him to.

I'd say that the French by creating meaningful international competition, or te all golds by bringing the game to the Southern Hemisphere have done more to develop the game than the rfl, I mean they only ended up with the nrl didn't they, or was that something the rfl did?

If you're gonna go down that line pal, then the RFL have done more than anyone by actually creating the game and sharing it with the Aussies.

You can't pick and choose your arguments.

My standpoint on this I that the rfl have done a lot to develop the game at grass roots in Europe an they must continue to do, if they don't help to develop legitimate competition, they will have no one to compete against and will be back to being percieved as a sport played in northern English villages. That's the reality of the direction they seem to be taking.

And they will do, even though they don't have to. But it's not a priority. And a body has been created by the RFL to also look after it. What more do you want with limited funds?

I think you need to get off your pedestal.

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