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More good news for the club

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Its time to pay my debts . During our bad 6 game run after the Workington defeat at home actually i remember someone putting on the forum it would get better and we could make the grand final. I stated no chance playing as we were and promised £100 to BISSA . and £100 to the ground improvement fund if he was right and i was wrong. I am the most pleased Batley supporter ever to be proved wrong and i will honour my pledge with pleasure. What a cracking season and a mighty improvement in form to get to Sundays showdown with our Nemesis team Sheffield. Well done to the coaching staff and all the players for turning things around and giving us all a terrific end to the season. I dont want to jinx us but i feel Sunday will be the day of the Bulldog and we will all be very proud supporters come the end of the game on Sunday. This humble pie is not so bad after all yum yum.  



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Great stuff. I think we can all dig a little deeper to show our appreciation of what we have already achieved this season (hopefully more to come). I will wait until payday (30th) and see what I can afford.

See you all on Sunday :)

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