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Conratulations to Andy Birch in being voted the King of the Fans by Kingstone Press for Rochdale Hornets, well deserved.

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To be perfectly frank I'm not into these 'elitist' competitions because we all do what we can for the club and I'm certainly no more deserving than any other fan of the club.


The winner gets 4 tickets and these I've said will go to the sound blokes who are going to take me to the game and chuck me about as necessary!  As someone has said I'm supposed to go on the pitch and wave a flag but I can't do that in my wheelchair so if anyone has a child who would like to do this I'll see if I can swing it with the organizer.  There's also some complimentary booze which I've decided to put in the dressing room for the players.  Let's hope they are filling the cup with it and splashing it all over as 'our 'Enery used to say!


COME ON HORNETS!!!!!!!!!!!!



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