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Hi all,


I'm getting more complaints about this forum than the rest of the forum combined.  As a start, I'd like to remind you of the terms and conditions of use of this forum.  This forum isn't your toy.  There are a lot of good posters who hang around on this Hunslet forum, we want to make it a place where they can post without being trolled.


As a specific point:  Posters who want to just post about Hunslet are getting more than fed up about too many threads having Leeds dragged into it.  I'll create a new thread, if you want to discuss any Hunslet and Leeds business then please do so there.  If you drag Leeds into any other threads without it being a matter of critical importance, i.e. Hunslet about to fold or something else that catastrophic, then your post will be deleted.  Keep it up and we'll just ban you.


Another point that some people will relate to more than others:  If you join this forum again after being banned then you get instantly banned again and I hit the nice simple button to delete all your posts.  I did it just now for a banned poster, 175 posts and 6 topics deleted in a single click.  What a waste of time for that troll, all that dross that he spent all that time on just deleted to the trash bin.


For the sensible posters, If you report a troll and I get to the report and if, in my subjective judgement, it is a genuine troll then I will hit the ban button instantly.

There is only so much patience we'll have with some people.

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Just to add to this, it is clear there is a problem on this section of the forum that needs resolving. 


Basically, it needs more local moderators as neither myself or ckn have the time required to micro-manage this part of the site, and it cannot go on as it is.


I am in the process of contacting a few people who I think would do a good job moderating the forum.


Sorry to say but unless I can find at least 3 new moderators very quickly, will no longer be able to host this forum and it will close down permanently.

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Further update to the above.


I am pleased to say that volunteers have come forward to take on moderating duties.


As a result, I have now added two new moderators to the forum: The King of Leon and Penola.


Please give them your full support. The future of this forum depends on it.


I am hopeful that others will join them shortly.

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