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deluded pom?

Grand Final Entertainment

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I dunno, I'm a bit split on this. There are plenty of us who enjoy a pint outside the ground and head in just before the teams come out, but tbh the atmosphere at the GF is a little darker than I would like, and I think anything that gets more fans in the ground earlier soaking up the atmosphere rather than cramming that last pint in is good for me.


It's also pretty good for attracting new fans to the game who aren't necessarily hooked to the sport, you can show off the whole package.

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Two things i would definately advise against after the championship playoffs at the LSV the other week, Red Balloons that we (Oldham Fans) were given to inflate and release when the `yeds ran out, I vacantly complied and witnessed the whole Oldham v Rochdale Game and the Dogs v Eagles game following affected by groups of balloons blown around the pitch throughout the games (And I mean on the playing surface as the game was in progress).

And the air cannon (master blaster) literally firing VERY CHEAP LOOKING T SHIRTS into the crowd...I actually got one after being hit in the chest, but palmed it off sharpish!

There was a very loud energetic brass ensemble at one stage in the proceedings...( a smaller version of the "Northern Skyraiders" from the 80`s) I thought they were excellent, and the Roary v Hornetto mascot race was hilarious, mainly due to hornetto`s costume and the sheer farce...very funny.

The young girl who sang a few modern pop hits was good too but she was facing the tunnel with her back to us, the area she sang facing was sparse as the loyal fans had been rogered with the seating/ticket arrangements, and were amassed in the corners!

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