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Theres a GULF

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I stayed for the championship match after Oldhams defeat (The best team on the day won!)They have done us a favour really because there is no way Oldhams present squad could live with the intensity skill power and speed of both the Batley Bulldogs and the Sheffield Eagles and neither will the present Rochdale Squad, for the gulf between Superleague and Championship is a biggie but now so is the one between Ch and CH1.

I was superbly entertained by the dogs and eagles, a great game.

And its not every day I enjoy the company of a bloke with the toughest job in Rugby League...Great to meet you Mr Merrick...A pleasure!

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I'd agree with that and was thinking that the lads staying at North Wales Crusaders have an almighty job on their hands. They look physically bigger, fitter and faster.  Looking forward to see who Clive Griffiths signs and how we deal with the challenge.

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