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Madrid RL looking for exp

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please push this for them

"The new Spain RL are looking for a coach and/or player's with rugby league exp for their new Madrid club in the first season. They can't offer pay but maybe accommodation or help with work contacts. contact them at their Facebook page here:

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October 26th now becomes a doubly significant date, not only the start of the World Cup but it also appears to be the first game played by Spanish clubs. This is taken from the recently formed Irreductibles Facebook page

 "El próximo 26 de Octubre partidazo en Alcoy. Irreductibles y Warriors bajo un mismo escudo, el XIII de l'Horta, desafiando a CRAC Alcoy - Comptat."


The great match next October 26 in Alcoy. Warriors and irreductibles (unite) under one shield, the XIII de l'Horta, challenging CRAC Alcoy - Comptat.
Historical great game!!!


Spanish Rugby league now have their own website and hope to start a cup competition this year and a league competition in 2014, they are also looking at a possible international game against Poland.



All of this is exciting stuff.


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