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On-line broadcasting of World Cup?

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BBC will have a highlights programme running during the competition but if its anything like the Super League Show it will be on at 4 o'clock in the morning!

To be fair to the BBC, their highlights packages for SL Playoffs and Internationals have been scheduled in a much more civilised slot than the SLS over the last few years.

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The Premier Sports website has a handy table to confirm which sports, including a separate column for the RLWC 2013, will be broadcast in each country. The one issue the table confirms is that the RLWC will not be broadcast via Premier Player in the USA (refer to the link below and the link on the webpage "for a full list of what sports are available in your country"):


I have also noticed via the Fox Soccer Plus facebook page that they will not be broadcasting the RLWC in the USA; therefore the question is...who will be? (refer to the comments underneath the Wigan Grand Final photo):


It would be scandalous not to at least allow the Premier Player to broadcast the RLWC in America; especially considering the US are playing in the tournament, plus the number of expats based in the country. I hope the RLWC operating committee swiftly agrees terms with a broadcast partner to air the RLWC in the USA; otherwise I'm going to have to rely on dodgy/poor quality streams.


Today I received the following message from the official RLWC 2013 facebook page:


"We are looking into getting coverage on the Rugby League World Cup in America, Hope this helped and enjoy the World Cup."


Hopefully they will secure a deal; it would be best to do it through Fox Soccer Plus since it's the home of US rugby (Union and League), where hopefully a few non-league fans will check out a game.


To digress Rugby 7s is the most popular form of rugby in the US; especially since Union 7s became an Olympic sport, in fact 7s is actually giving the USRU authorities some minor headaches because the typical US player prefers 7s over 15s with the reasons generally being that they don't like the technicalities of scrums, line-outs, rucking and mauling. With this in mind you would hope that some 7s players would give league ago if they caught a RLWC game or two.

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There must be a reason those countries are blocked specifically for the RLWC,

Dubai-based OSN will broadcast the RLWC to the Middle East and North Africa.

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