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oldham rugby league foundation

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A quick google search, shows the company was first registered on the 6th Aug 2013. The address given is the same as the one for the club. One of the directors listed is a chartered surveyor. 

Is something happening?

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Usually something like this is set up in order to separate some sort of funding from the main company. 


So if something happens to that company, whatever funding is in place cannot be touched by, say the inland revenue.


However, I could be wrong.


There are a million and one reasons to set up separate companies ie protect pensions etc


It may be that an investor wants guarantees that if they invest in something like a redevelopment plan then they want protecting from the main

business that may be seen as volatile. That any capital invested can only be used for that particular development and not to bring in players or pay their wages. Som that the separate company will act as a 'Stadium' company and the club as a separate entity.


I think a lot of sports clubs do this.


Sometimes a business may have two separate branches such as a School, non vatable and a shop that sells equipment that is vatable, may be worth forming two LTD companies.


I'm sure the separate strands of Man Utd work this way, whereby the shop or restaurant is separate from the club. By the way, I'm only speculating so don't quote me as gospel.


Personally I think that this is a positive sign that things are on the move.

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Most Pro RL clubs have foundations to keep community development activity separate from the company activity. It allows such basic stuff as receiving gift aid on donations etc.. These elements can be revenue generating in the sense the stuff they do can create a surplus above the direct cost of the activity BUT the money must be ploughed back into the foundation with whatever mandate that is operating under...

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