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Interesting reading for Championship Clubs

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The RFL's Policy Review document is now available online.


Clauses 6.3 to 6.9 proposals make very interesting reading for current Championship Clubs:

To create the new 12-club "Tier 2" Championship for 2015, at the close of 2014

the bottom two clubs would be relegated from Super League (each with a £250k one-off sweetener) and added to the top 9 Championship clubs with the 1st placed club of Championship 1.  So, the latter club would be elevated, without play-off, above the bottom 5 Championship clubs to be relegated (each with a £25k one-off sweetener) to the new "Tier 3" Championship for 2015.


However, "5.5.9 Discussions on the possible entry of a second French club (Toulouse) into the Tier 2 competition will continue as its importance in the development of the international game is acknowledged".  At which club's expense is not explained.


From 2015:


Tier 1 Super League Competition.   Tier 2 Championship Competition   = 2 x 12 team leagues, after 23 rounds splitting into 3 x 8's for play-offs .
Two down from Tier 2 and two up from Tier 3 after play-offs - see 5.1.14 onwards and 5.1.26 for admission to Tier 1!
Tier 3 Championship One Competition. 
Tier 4 Conference Leagues.    Tier 5 Regional Leagues.     Tier 6 Merit and other Leagues.
There is a proposal also for a dual-registration system between Tiers 1/2 and Tiers 3/4.
For Tier 2 in 2015 the salary cap for 2015 would be raised to £900k and remain at £150k for Tier 3, with opportunity for dispensation up to £200k.
A considerable challenge ahead, to say the least, if these proposals are accepted.

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MH...I admire (and will share) your optimism for 2014 season's 14 club Championship - that we avoid the bottom 5 relegation spots on these proposals.

Two up and down between new Tiers 2 and 3 (Championship and Championship 1), only from 2015.

Let's hope for some good and dedicated additions to the retained heroes, whatever the final format.

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Wouldn't it be nice to have some stability in the league structure.  Instead its more chop and change.


Reminds me of what Churchill said of  US governments - they have the wonderful gift of always finding the right answer to every problem, but only after trying every other one first.

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