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Where has Rob Foxen gone ?

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Rob was a devastating player when he caught the ball

Hes another top lad whos confidence was undermined by impatient fans and odd coaching decisions

He scored one of the best tries I've ever seen at Doncaster in 2011

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I always respect your opinion Mark, but I think the one thing you can't call Swinton fans is Impatient! The ones that are left deserve knighthoods mate.

I'll pick up my medal at Buckingham palace then

Rob and Gavin Dodd scored loads of tries for us and often in spectacular fashion. One or two particularly picky fans used to find their other idiosyncrasies less attractive and enjoyed a good gloat at their every mistake. Its a common theme

Im sure at Eccles that you've seen many players who needed the carrot rather than the stick?

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