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Not the crappy Widnes player but the cash-only version of the savings account.


I was asked two questions that stumped me, so after fruitless searches online I came to the only place imaginable, TRL Helpdesk:


  • The maximum per year is £5,760 for cash, so if the account is a 2-year ISA, is that £5,760 each year? (£11,520)
  • If, for instance, it was opened now for 1-year, can it be moved to another in April when the "new" ISA's come on the market?


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1.  Yes.

2.  Check the terms, multi-year ISAs are usually bonds that only pay out if you complete the term.  Also, banks act like teenage girls seeing Justin Beiber in their desire to get this year's ISA allowance but treat you like an 80s one-hit-wonder when it comes to you transferring ISAs to them, you'll struggle to get good rates.

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