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joe elliot

McNamara might have to leave the country

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I'm not sure that's how it's seen by everyone.

For me, he has got himself in a corner because:

1. His organisation of the camp has been poor enough to allow some of his squad to go on the lash. In a 4 week controlled environment that is unacceptably poor management. The players are at fault but so is he.

2. He has been too slow to deal with the players when they have strayed. When the media are watching virtually 24/7, like they do in a tournament, action needs to be fair but instant.

3. Premiership football managers can afford to be offhand with the media. They love it and will keep coming back for more. RL is not in that place and the coach has to dance with the media. His reaction to Tanya Arnold was that of defensive, naughty teenager. Simply not good enough.

If we win the cup or play a part in a great final most of it will be forgotten. If we don't get to that level, however, it will get more difficult for him than it is now. I hope he is bright enough to see that coming & think about how he will deal with the media when it happens


he has got himself in a corner


He's not in a corner , though. It clear that some would like to see him in a corner, some would actually like him to fail which is a despicable attitude to have.   Just because he is generally quietly spoken, does not seem to be aggressive and expect his players to behave in an adult and professional manner when representing their country should not make him a target for irrational  and unjustified criticism.  


Maye some players should have their mothers with them in know, to change their nappies and feed them.

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