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Fev v Fev

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What do you think?


1 Ian Hardman v Jonny Hepworth
2 Tommy Saxton v Kyran Johnson
3 Etu Uaisele v Ben Hellewell
4 Greg Worthington v Sam Smeaton
5 Will Sharp v Jamahl Chisholm
6 Andy Kain v James Mendieka
7 Liam Finn v Kyle Briggs
8 Steve Crossley v Matt Nicholson
9 Andy Ellis v Gareth Moore
10 Matt James v Liam Walmsley
11 Jamie Cording v Shaun Pick
12 James Lockwood v Lamont Bryan
13 Tim Spears v Colton Roche

14 Jack Bussey v Luke Teasdale
15 George Flanagan v Jack Ormondroyd
16 Matty Dale v Keegan Hurst
17 Andrew Bostock v Gavin Bennion

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If Briggs and Smeaton return to full fitness and form, they'll soon move over to the left hand side, but I don't know who would make way for them?

Half of the others on the right could easily force their way in too, and competition will be hot. I hope we manage to keep everyone happy?

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If they are all here at the end of the season there will be a lot of players in need of a game before the play-offs start to keep them match fit to cover unforeseen absences. Reserve grade matches tend to finish too early in the season. Maybe a friendly or two?

One good idea for a competitive friendly might be against Sharlston, or a select BARLA X111, possibly containing some Sharlston players. They would be in pre-season preparation, and would be keen to impress against Fev, especially those with professional aspirations!

If it was a combined BARLA side, maybe Gordie Long could select and coach them? He could then ensure there was no "head hunting" as can sometimes occur in this type of game.

The game could be billed as Rovers V Gordie Long Select X111. It would give vital match practice to players on both sides. 

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Think they are releasing him due to wages

Along with others, so I have heard.

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