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World Cup Format (merged threads)

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Not a fan of it at all. Why can't we just be like other WCs and have four pools. Blowout happens in cricket and union but its not a big issue at all for them.


Is that because they have stronger international structures than us ?

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One way to avoid the big nations being in the same group would be to have it this way:

Group A: England, Ireland, Fiji

Group B: Australia, Papua New Guinea, France

Group C: New Zealand, Wales, Samoa, USA

Group D: Tonga, Italy, Cook Islands, Scotland

Two go through from each group.

England and Australia play each other in a cross group game. Ireland and France. Fiji and PNG.

The groups appear even, but you still get that big opening game. And at the same time it doesn't effectively end the WC for loser of the other game in Group A (Ireland are effectively out now as they won't beat Aus or Eng).


Not bad.

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