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Surely now is the time to build and create a creditable league six nations. With England ,France ,Ireland , Italy ,Scotland and Wales. Play five weekly rounds in a league format so each team plays the other once. Play all rounds as triple headers some thing like

week one in CARDIFF @ Cardiff city stadium

Scotland v Italy

Ireland v France

Wales v England

week two in Wigan @ DW stadium

France v Italy

Wales v Ireland

England v Scotland

week three in Limerick @ Thomond Park

Wales v Italy

Scotland v France

Ireland v England

week 4 in Huddersfield @ JS stadium

Scotland v Ireland

Wales v France

England v Italy

week 5 in France @ VENUE TO BE DECIDED

Scotland v Wales

Ireland v Italy

France v England

After a few years take games to Scotland and Italy as well rota games and venues round to keep fans hungry for games in there country.

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Would have to be june/July as no football or union club would let us play 3 games on their pitch otherwise

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I agree while we all want some sort of state of origin series, the reality is we will probably never get any thing of that nature.


Why not build the six nations, we would have genuine rivalry between nations, a massive audience potentially, which could generate a lot of revenue and give players a chance of international rugby.


England would dominate to begin with you would think but that doesn't stop the rugby championship been interesting for union fans which is dominated by New Zealand. 


If there were regular games you would think more players who don't think they will get a game for England would commit to other nations and have no problem staying with them, when the 4 nations or test series came around the team would simply be Great Britain to include the best players.


Wales are developing as are France so within a few years we could have 3 teams battling for the title and Ireland, Scotland and Italy have all looked good in the last couple of weeks. 


Surely it would be better to have a tournament than not have one anyway?

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Don't disagree with this. The question is when in the year would you have it take place and where in the international calendar would it sit?


For it to be a more balanced competition, I think it would need to be at the end of the season so that the NRL based players can be released to take part. The next question is where in the international calendar would it then fit in around the existing 4 Nations and the World Cup?

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We need to avoid replicating the format favoured in Rugby Union at all costs.

We also need to include other RLEF nations (eg, Lebanon) if they're strong enough.

But whatever format we go with, we must stick with the things that've worked really well during this tournament (eg, having host cities bid for games etc).

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I think a six nations every year would be better so it becomes an annual event, every two years makes the average man in the street forget about it or wonder why it's not on this year.


Six nations allows for more growth, more potential sponsors and fans and for more players to get a taste of international rugby.

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In principle, I'd love this to happen - but I'd tip England to win every year.


You'd either need to include a development England side - which would probably still win every year - or not include England.


Replace them with Lebanon or Serbia or the winner of some qualifying tournament.


And, realistically, Italy (in particular) aren't going to be so strong if it's not the World Cup.

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