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Rebel super league clubs now totalling nine

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The game is going to be a lot stronger and more interesting if the top championship clubs can start pulling in 3 to 4,000.To do this changes have to take place-and if they do the next money men maybe intersted.

The present system avoids anybody interested in investing outside SL.

That's not true.

Under the present system Steve O'Connor invested his money in Widnes, and after the initial dissapointment of not getting in in 2009 obtained a Superleague place for Widnes in 2012.

Prior to the proposed changes Mark Campbell and Faisal Nahaboo invested their money in Featherstone with a view to getting a Superleague place on the 2015 licensing round.

I don't think anyone can really argue that you don't need a lot of money to be a competitive superleague club. I think that's been accepted for years you need a lot of money.

This is why the "present system" has been based on picking the 14 clubs with the most money.

Change the system and you will still get the clubs with the most money gravitating to the top.

The problem as it has already manifested itself is that Big City Big name RL clubs already IN superleague like Wakefield and Bradford have not attracted big investors. Why we would believe that P & R would somehow bring the Millionaires rushing in, especially to small clubs who'd need £2,000,000 a year spending on them I don't know.

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One thing this world cup has shown is their is a big appetite for the game from supporters outside 12 teams in super league.The attendances at Leigh,Halifax,Rochdale and Workington show this.I know for a fact many lapsed supporters attended these games-and the game has to try and address this rather than the present closed shop.

It's an interesting point although fans attending Leigh Halifax and Rochdale may well have come from Wigan, St.helens, Bradford, Leeds, Huiddersfield, Wakefield, and warrington etc.

Fans will travel for a big game.

If people from leigh halifax and rochdale are attending WC games who don't normally go to their local club, it may be because they only want to watch professional top class RL.

It may well make a case for mergers, but there we go.

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I will print this in BIG letters to help


Current champ cap £3-400,000 pa with £75000 from RFL


Proposal was Champ Grand Finalists got £550000 and £500000 for the 2015 season


£550000 - £75000 is a central fund increase of £475000


Add the £475000 to the £3-400000 current salary with the balance covered in gates and sponsorship means a £1m salary is affordable for the top


Sounds like the answer to everyone prayer

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