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Response for FIRL Member

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"Good morning to all,


I am Luigi Ferraro and represent the FIRFL (Federazione Italiana Rugby Football League) as Vice-president, but write this letter as pure personal title and not official, in response to Andrea Sola, who pulled pulled me into question, as has long been decided by FIRFL not to undertake controversial exchanges, useless and boring. Unfortunately, I will have to make clear mention of the official events that occurred not long ago.

The first thing, I would like to thank Andrea for the admiration that we reserve, he was one of the first players to wear the Magnifici Firenze jersey with great value and particularly for the dedication and the attitude with which he honoured the red and white colours both on and off the field. I would like to point out though that we are not only Centre-Southern Italy, in North Italy we have many affiliated teams like Firenze, Albinea, Reggio Emilia (Super 10’s), Falchi Pesaro and many others and hence represent the entire Italian peninsula.

I, like Guido Porcellini (head doctor of Montepaschi Siena Basketball) and Pierluigi Gentile (S10, Scottish Premiership, Italia 7’s), live sport to a certain level in Italy with the values that go beyond sport itself and it is perhaps this that differentiates us much from another association.

Maybe for our Italian style (and for the awareness that you make a World Cup in this way, will surely lead to victories, but not photograph the reality of the movement of Italian rugby league) we preferred not to accept non-democratic choices with no thought. And wait. We think the Italy FIR (Rugby Union), well more rich and well structured, that has taken 10 years to get a little respect in the Six Nations: here in a year, with a team whose majority is the second World Cup caps, sweeping away Wales and England (pre RLWC friendly) and draw with Scotland. I don't think the movement have been craving is so naive. Yes, it is true, maybe a bit of image (media) return there has been and there will be, but will be very little once finished all over the world, if not supported by actual and constant work done throughout the country and at all levels.

In March 2013 we sent the offer of reunification under democracy the CONI control, based on real work in the territory, both to FIRL and the RLEF: not only we were not accepted, but were criticised by the Australian President of the FIRL that is Orazio D'arro and is located at Sydney.

We never said that we did not want Italian Australians (who for us are Italians), but we only asked that the National Team had both Italian Australians of the Italian movement played, who would have earned respect for the mass passion in these years (at least 50%). Not even that idea was taken into consideration.
There was a proposed statute where voting is 4 Italian committees and 3 foreign committees (France, Australia and England). I've never heard that the English President is voted by the Australian President. Despite everything, being in the CONI investigation, we had to reject and why? Simple, because statutes that are not democratic, they are not allowed for those who want to be recognized.

We have the CONI requirements, we have social projects, but above all we are Italians. I do not know how they have taken not many of their members, but I think if we really are, will not have been happy to see each other put on the side, a week before the World Cup. We invite all Italian clubs and all those who believe in Italianess and pure sport to join the vast majority that makes this sport in Italy with certain values, for all to be recognised by the only organisation that can tell if we are "true" or not, CONI.
We would like to thank the North association and those like Andrea who believes in a single strong movement and with the important values, such as those that we are trying to convey and we remain open to a reunification as long as it's dictated by democratic rules, meritocracy and especially, constitutionally, as required by CONI
Wishing you better success."


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Original FIRL:

there was also another different member letter from FIRL.

Another point incorrect was nations need 10 teams to qualify for the RLWC - it's only four (in 2010 FIRL was able to enter the qualifiers with 3 teams by including rebels)

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