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Could Fiji sustain an NRL side?

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The travel costs would not be sustainable for a team based in Fiji and unless they were prepared to play the bulk of their games in Australia which would defeat the purpose I imagine the NRL Clubs would want compensation to travel to Fiji home games.


I am not sure if English fans realise the distances and costs between teams in the NRL compared to SL where the Catalans or the London Broncos is a big travelling away game where few travelling fans attend the game.

Have a look how far Auckland is from Oz and Melbourne is from Townsville.

Its a big place and travelling is expensive and draining on a team.
When Perth get their franchise it will be tougher again, the travel costs were one of the key factors in the ARL Perth team nearly going broke and jumping to "Super League" until they ditched them.


Unless there are media sales that can subsidise, long distance travel and accommodation, transport ect, it will not happen, what does Fiji have to offer media and advertising sales?...................................................................

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