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Chase out, Widdop in

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I do think if this was the coaches plan all along that it's a gamble though, but one that could pay off.

I'm sure Widdop is experienced enough to slot in without a hitch just like burrow did.

Let the opposition think they know who they are up against, do all the video work and preparation etc and then change it.

Could be a stroke of genius. ;-)

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I like chase and think he provides a bigger threat than Widdop. However I think his long running grudge with Isaac Luke could have negatively affected his game. Also, as some have already mentioned he started to get frustrated against France and we can ill afford to give away needless penalties v NZ. Widdop is a more level-headed individual which may be best for this match.

I just hope we don't become too predictable with Sinfield and Widdop who are "safety-first" players and not so good when player off-the-cuff. Where are the breaks going to come from?


Just for the hell of it Sotherner, relate to me all of the scintillating breaks that have been created so far by our halves generally and those from Chase in particular?


Sorry to say it but in the main that is one load of gibberish, especially so it's last sentence!

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