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Origin Series 2014

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Despite talk of change it seems the Origin Series 2014 will be going ahead without change.

There's still to be three weeks between each game.

There had been talk that they were going to have a break in the season for SoO games i.e. a stand alone series.



World Cup finalists Australia and New Zealand will again enjoy a stand-alone representative weekend from May 2 to 4, but the same recovery time won't be afforded to the Origin players. That series will begin in at Suncorp Stadium on May 28, the Blues will host at ANZ Stadium on June 18 and will then return north on July 9.


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I still think 3 weeks between games is way too long. Mind you it is all over in 6 weeks , but it feels alot longer when you have to wait that long for the second and third game. 

I know the players need a break, well maybe they should stand players down if they cant handle the pressure. 


Once you tell players they cant play, watch them scream. 

Replace Cam Smith with Ballin or the Roosters hooker Friend, and Billy Slater with Ben Barba, and Cooper Cronk with Cherry Evans for the second game, you watch the players scream if they cant earn their 30 to 50 thousand dollars a game. 

It should be every two weeks. If the players need a break, rest them and replace them for one game. 

That is not a bad idea. Plus more players will get a run. 

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