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Hate the rec


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Garry Glitter got jailed for less than that !!! only joking Rockerlad I hope they pull a few kids in, I would like to see Town do something similar.


There has already been a bit more as we started letting workington juniors in for free at the start of the season, but thats as far as humpry would go. At least the new chairman realises the kids are the fans of the future and is letting them all in. I hope its not just a one off as well. it should be for every game

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Are the 2 Fernandes brothers and the Southampton striker any good then?


I have only really seen bruno play and he is very good, kyle may seems to have gone really backwards in defence this season think he needs a rest. as for Valter brunos brother never seen him paly but tuesday night was his 1st start and Skelton said he was really good. The lad from southampton only arrived late last thursday so didnt train, he got 5 mins on sat so cant really judge and only a few mins on tues. I expect him to play a bigge part this weekend as he will have finally trained with the rest of the team.


The 3 of them are being put up in a house in town the club is renting, all 3 train every day down at the ground.

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