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A right to know?

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The trust broadly exists to protect the interests of ALL supporters. But to affect trust policy, which us open & democratic, then of course u need to be a member. And putting money into the trust by donation or membership fee is not like putting it into a black hole, since the finances are audited & subject to FSA regulations. It's true though that the trust has been marginalised in the past thru the club's various re-incarnations, and there are probably lessons to learn, although legally at the time the trust's hands were tied. And at the time of writing this I'm not clear as to how future club ownership is going to pan out, but I'm convinced that a strong Trust membership will create a powerful message that the fans must be listened to in the future. Or it may transpire that the only viable way forward is under trust ownership similar to Rochdale & Hunslet. But either way it's simple, if ur not a member, please join.

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