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We need our own stadium

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I agree with iffleyox up to a point, but Wembley is associated with Football, the FA cup final and England football team first and formost. RL playing there plants the message 'they must be small time, they don't even have their own stadium'. Same for Old Trafford.


I am not saying a stadium should be built now, Wembley and OT worked brilliantly for the World Cup. But I think it would be a good idea to plan for the future so in time there could be a national stadium

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Why don't we get on board with Adam Pearson, buy out Elland Road and use a refurbished stadium like that?


Or look to develop one in the brown field sites around Manchester?


Wherever it goes it needs to be sizeable, expandable and future proofed and usable by every aspect of the game and probably several others too to make it pay its way


Then again looking at the US the superbowl moves around every year so what's the big deal?


I am told Twickers and the Millenium need sports like ours to assist because they cost so much to run, Wembley needs the CC and whatever else we throw at it.


A massive stadium would be a waste of money, a 30k stadium would be OK but only if we played all the internationals in it and were happy to see a full but ultimately smaller stadium sell out regularly for CC and grand finals


So that may not make financial sense as the deals with Wembley and OT make a lot of cash now, any stadium would have to trump those


Bit of a non starter?

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