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BBC launches new HD TV channels

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It's all to do with HD transmissions and HDMI cabling.  According to the technology specification and licensing, each HDMI sender or receiver must ensure that the other end has the capabilities to take encrypted HD signals, if not then it automatically downgrades the output to SD quality whether it's an HD programme or not.  The knock-on of this is that commercial transmission and receiving kit, i.e. your telly, will happily receive and play HD transmissions over HDMI but won't output to any other source in HD unless it's also via HDMI.  My friend's rig has the Sky box sending to his recording device then onto the TV.  Works fine but then it does exactly what the Sky+ functionality does, albeit with a far higher storage capacity.

I will have to have a look how the HDD is connected to the TV, pretty sure it isn't with an HDMI cable so I guess it's only capturing SD. This would explain why I can store so much on a 1TB box and still have lots of storage space left.

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Any idea on Sky channel numbers for the new BBC services?

In answer to my own question, and to get back on-topic



Cbeebies HD 624

BBC3 HD 210

BBC4 HD 211

BBC News HD 570


announced on BBC Text P998

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