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Italian RL (FIRFL) Merchandise

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Anyone willing to buy official FIRFL (Italian RFL) merchandise or if you have any Italian-Australian or rugby league friends that would be let them know know

Pre-order by emailing Joel Morgan at with what item/s you would like to purchase, what size i.e. S to XXXL, your full address and your email address.
Details with Stash Sportswear ( are yet to be fully finalised. Post & handling is not included for these prices yet, but for Northern Hemisphere residents it will likely be charged from England and P&H for Australian/NZ residents will likely be from Australia.

some REVOLUTION Clubs' (not all teams) jerseys will also be for sale soon (Gladiators Roma, Magnifici Firenze, Flachi Pian del Bruscolo (players from Marche: mostly Pesaro, Misano), Spartans Spartans Acireale (Catania, Sicily), maybe Rectores Belpasso (Sicily).

FIRFL "Replica" tight fit rugby shirts (straight sides) - Neonix fabric - £35.00 ($64 AUD, 41.50 EURO)
FIRFL Sublimated rugby shorts - £17.00 ($30.9 AUD, 21.15 EURO)
FIRFL cotton tee shirts - £16.95 ($30.8 AUD, 21.10 EURO)
FIRFL Technical polo shirts (blue or white) - £16.95 ($30.8 AUD, 21.10 EURO)
FIRFL Performance Track tops - £29.95 ($54.50 AUD, 35.50 EURO)
FIRFL Performance Track pants - £24.95 ($45.40 AUD) (£44.90 for a complete suit, $81.70 AUD, 29.50 EURO)
FIRFL Rugby League ball - £20.00, $36 AUD, 23.70 Euro (few remaining) (official website)

(FIRFL organise initiatives such as a National Championship, early development with juniors, Coppa Italia & regional comps, RL with orphaned children in Kenya, rugby league with deaf children institute, etc)"





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Nice merchandise but why is the guy on the left in the last picture of your first post wearing a Cardiff Blues top? :tongue:

wasn't one of the Italians, just a collegue/friend of the head coach, while they were in London

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