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TotalRL NRL SUPER COACH Fantasy League 2014 - FINAL Points Total + Head2Head Results + Awards; News for 2015

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“Two trades are essential this week. Use them to introduce cash-producing cheapies only. Avoid panic sideways trades, like trading out proven players such as Issac Luke and Shaun Johnson for last week’s high scorers.”

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Inglis playing omnly 5 minutes was a blow for some people. No doubt some would have had him as Captain as well. Looks like a few more big names could be missing a round or two for various reasons. 

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As usual I'll wait until points and positions are finalised before posting them on here - it usually takes best part of a day.

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It's still tough going this early in the season. I get the feeling that more of us are finding our feet somewhat though now.

Our top scorer this week with a very creditable1088 was Tim and his Barrow Bunnies, well done mate. Close on his heels were Jack (Rabbit 2014 Premiers 1064pts), David (Thatcham Rabbitohs 1032pts) and Si (Muenchen Storm 1008pts)


Just missing out from this exclusive club was me and my Melbourne Rovers (999pts) and Gav and his Holker Pioneers RL (998pts)


At this early stage we have just three Super Coaches averaging over 1000 points a round: Jack, David and Andrew (Sika's Revenge)




Some decent scores throughout the ladder. Well done Mick's Marauders and your 975 points.


The round saw a few more injuries including the serious one to Alex McKinnon. My thoughts and best wishes go to him , his family and friends.


There were other injuries which might affect your team selection too.

Good luck in Round 4 everyone.


Now who's the best captain for the round going to be, answer me that one?

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This is the first week we've had head to head fixtures.

I'll post two ladders each week so we can get the order by points and head to head.

Although the ladder above gives the order by total points it doesn't give the points total for the round.

The round points total is given though in the ladder for the Head to Head comp.

So you can look at them both and glean the information you want.






Top points scorer this round was Gav and your Holker Pioneers with 1192 - congratulations, that's a great score on a tricky week.

Well done to everyone who topped the magic 1000 point mark:

Tim and your table topping Barrow Bunnies (1188)

Jack and your Rabbit 2014 Premiers (1098)

Andrew and your Sika's Revenge (1080)

Stephanie and your Stephanie's Rhinos (1034)


Coming close were Norm (998), James (994) and Nate (992).


Not happy with your form - your best hope is to wait until the team lists are announced and then make best use of your two trades... keeping in mind the long game and the hardships that State of Origin can bring.

Good luck in Round 5

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The week before I got 0 points from Greg Inglis and then 0 points from my captain Cam Smith this week. Still managed to score over 900 points though. Hopefully this week nobody pulls up injured in my team. Very tough sdeason so far with so many injuries and suspensions. After 4 rounds every team has lost 1 game and shows how tight things are in the NRL. 

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Yes I had Cam Smith. My vice captain scored well, but the knock on effect was to include my lowest scoring emergency reserve - bah! Hope Cam plays this week. He is due to according to team list.

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So here's the table above that gives both the latest round score for each of us plus the total points overall.

Round 5 appears to have been a better round for many of us. Nine of us crossed the 1000 point barrier with four more in the 900s.

Top scorer of the round and our leader is Jack and his Rabbit 2014 Premiers. Andrew and his Sika's Savages came second this week (1115). Tim's Barrow Bunnies is still in second place though having been our third top scorer with 1107.

Well done also to Warrick (1081), David (1078), Gav (1077), Nate and Kev (both 1023) and Graham (1018).

One or two people did suffer an unexpected turn round in form - just a blip I'm sure. Clair is mentioned in dispatches this week for the very creditable 900+ score in 17th place.




So it's on to our Head2Head ladder.

It's Kev and his roverandout who has leapt lithely (in a manner of speaking) up from 9th to third in the table.

Just six of us have managed two wins from two: Tim, Andrew, Kev, Si, Jack and Norm.

Tim's points difference of +991 is astonishing after just two rounds!!!

There were some very close calls in the R5 contests.

Well done Dave beating me by 5 points, I thought I had you there ... until Taumalola got injured in that last game - bah humbug! :-)


Joking aside, good luck to everyone for Round 6

There were yet more injuries to relied upon players in that round so maybe there's some rethinking necessary in the days ahead.

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I notice that scores so far with just one game to play are much lower than normal for us across the board.

This surely means we go into a don't panic mode.

If it's all of us then that has to be just one of those rounds, isn't it?

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That did turn out to be a toughy!

The dice were rolled there was a bit of a shuffle round. Well done if you came out ahead.




Sika's Savages (Andrew) and Barrow Bunnies (Tim) both performed well being the only two to top the 1,000 point mark this week. It also saw them close the gap on Rabbits 2014 (Jack). Andrew also nipped above Tim into second place. Jack, Andrew, Tim and Gav are now the only ones averaging over 1,000 points a round.

So Andrew's 1075 and Tim's 1041 were our highest scores this week. Well done both. Perhaps under the circumstances getting in the 900s or even top 800 s will have been some consolation, especially if you were watching the scratching round for points during the course of the weekend as it unfolded.

Mentioned in dispatches this week is Si and his Muenchen Storm who leapt up from 10th to 6th. It shows just how close this competition is.




Tim's points difference is still way bigger than anyone else, however in Head to Head terms beating this week's opponent is what it's about. Well done then to Andrew and his Sika's Savages who came out on top in what turned out to be the battle of the Head to Head round. With 1041 in this round Tim would have beaten all the rest of us, but he came up against Andrew the top scorer. As a result Si takes over at the top with 3 wins from 3 and the best points difference of the other 3/3ers: Kevin, Andrew and Jack.


It's early days with plenty of changes to come in our ladder.

Here's to a good Round 7 for you.

Good luck.

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Well that was a better week for most of us. Nine of us topped the thousand mark.

Jack (Rabbits 2014 Premiers) not only tops our points league but also was top scorer in the round with 1,156.

Norm and his invincibles had a good week scoring 1,108. Gav was the third of us to beat 1100 with his Holker Pioneers on 1,105.

Well done all, especially if you've been upwardly mobile!




Right, Gav that was a painful defeat you and your Holker Pioneers  inflicted on me. We were neck and neck throughout the weekend..

Straight after the last game was played I'd a handful of points in hand over you. However when the final adjustments were made you snatched victory from me and my Melbourne Rovers (by 7 points).

Well done mate - that was a good H2H.

Si, Andrew and Jack are now the only ones left who have a 100% H2H record after four weeks of the comp.

There were a fair number of close calls this week.

It's a great competition. Keep up the good work everyone.

Don't forget you can contribute your views on here.


Here's the Head to results for R7:



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In Head to Head it's the luck of the draw.

Pity I had to come up against Gav this week.

... not that I'm bitter or anything!

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Well done JB.

This bit is relatively OK - we've a full set of fixtures to go at. Not looking forward to origin time and byes.

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OK there seems to be a glass ceiling on points!.

While points are not easy to come by at the moment we had a decent round there as a group where

11 of us got over a thousand points - too numerous to mention on this occasion.

Mentioned in dispatches though is Clair and her Crusaders who had a great week.

Well done to all.




Now for the Head to Head Competition




As you can see this is organised by points difference when League Points are equal.

Well done to Andrew (Sika's Savages) and Jack (Rabbit 2014 Premiers) who still retain an unbeaten head to head record after five matches.

This table has seen plenty of movement up and down . Si (Muenchen Storm) took his first hit with a defeat by a great performance from James and his SmashnGrab outfit.

Here's all the results for the round:




Closest call? Probably two of our high scoring teams meeting up. with Jack's Rabbit 2014 Premiers just coming out on top in his scrap with Tim's Barrow Bunnies.


Comments always welcome.

Have a good week.

We've a blank weekend coming up with Rep Footy taking the place of NRL league games, so we've time to regroup and regather.

Hopefully some of our injured players will have time to recover.



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Well even more Coaches persuaded their teams over the thousand point mark this week - 11 in total.

You know who you are. Well done. Special mention to Andrew and his Sika's Savages who crossed the 1300 point barrier.

Well done to Kevin and his Roverandout team who is currently mid table but scored the second highest points total this round.

Look how close the points totals are: Andrew and Jack at the top are separated by a mere 7 points with this week Andrew (Sika's S) nipping in front of Jack's Rabbit 2014 Premiers team.

Similarly further down the ladder Ross is only 7 points adrift of Clair.




In the H2H stakes Gaz, Warrick and Nate are all up places near the top after the latest matches.

There's shuffling about all up and down the table.

Andrew and Warrick have both taken 5 wins from the last five games, congratulations.

This is turning out to be a superb league this season. Well done to everyone.

Good luck in R10 - one or two more injuries to players to manage.


Here's all the Head to head results for Round 9:



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Another week where eleven team managers were able to breach the 1,000 point barrier.

The scores overall though were a bit down with points seemingly harder to come by.

It may just be that some of us have been adjusting our teams so as to try to cope with the byes coming up and key players that will be missing from their team due to Origin selection or injury.

Whatever the case, it looks like the next few weeks will be more than usually challenging for us.

Good luck to all!

Oh and our top scorer this week was Tim and his Barrow Bunnies (1180). Well done Tim.

Congratulations too to Dave and Clair who were two of the 1000+ managers who'll be giving the teams just above them cause for concern!!!





The head to head ladder has a much different shape to the total points table,

It's every person for themselves in this weekly dueling contest with plenty of unpredictable results.

I hope you're enjoying your weekly scarp.

Here's this week's head to head results match by match:




Good luck in Round 11.

If a feeling we are going to need it!

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This was always going to be the trickiest week's since the start of the season.

Not only were there byes to contend with but Origin players were withdrawn from the teams that did play.

This was a case for a lot of people for minimising the difficulties and putting out as many scoring players as possible.




So there were just four teams able to score more than 1000 points in R11. It's particularly well done then to Andrew (Sika's Savages, 1104 and top scorer), Jack (Rabbit 2014 premiers,1002), Gav (Holker Pioneers RL, 1102)

and Graham (Melbourne Rovers, 1089). Andrew (SS) and his team take over the top spot from Jack (R2014P)

Those making over 900 did well this week: Tim (Barrow Bunnies, 946) and Mick (Mick's Marauders, 919)

Tough week then, well done for sticking in there.

The top five are still averaging over 1000 points a week.


There's a bit of shuffling round here inevitably. A win or loss can mean a block of places lost or gained by the very nature of the ladder.

Looking below you'll see there were some wins by pretty big margins.

How about the close call in the match between Tim's Barrow Bunnies and Jimbo's Quarriors with just two points deciding the outcome!!!

The next closest game was Thatcham Rabbitohs (David) vs Muenchen Storm (Si) although by a larger 62 point difference.




Heads up then for Round 12 where there's a little bit of respite. There's only four teams on byes in the round,

followed by the prospect of a full set of fixtures in R13.

It's Origin 1 this coming Wednesday.

Enjoy your rugby league.


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Origin and byes are bad enough in themselves to contend with. This Origin wrought havoc though. Two more Origins plus a series of byes still to come.

I'd like to say things will only get better. As we stand now it might take some time!

Good luck LRL

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Well that proved to be another tricky week.

The legacy of Origin 1 meant that many of us found that players we were expecting to play did not line up on the day either due to injury or being rested.

This being the second week on the bounce for byes added extra problems.

I thought I'd managed to get 17 on the field only to find two of them went AWOL - one rested, the other dropped.

I'm guessing that you experienced similar problems.




Despite the extra challenges of the week six teams did still manage to gain 1000+ points.

My Melbourne Rovers somehow managed to get top score  with 1129 points,  just four more than David's Thatcham Rabbitohs (1125).

Then neck and neck came Gav and his Holker Pioneers RL (1092) and Jack's Rabbit 2014 Premiers (1091)  - just one point apart!!!!!! Also getting over 1000 points were Andrew's Sika's Savages (1063), and Norm and his Invincibles (1014).

It's so close at the top of our points ladder with Andrew leading Jack by only 10 points!

Looking at all sections of the league there are plenty of other close calls for places.

Let's face it in this run of rounds up to and including Round 18 one or two hundred points difference gain or loss is always on the cards.


All the Head to Head results are posted below with details of scores.

Gav, Andrew and Jack kept their lead at the top. All three were winners this week.

Norm and Warrick continue to chase hard being just one win behind the leaders.

Graham and Si are hanging in there having also won this week to keep them in touch.

Kev has jumped up a couple of places to join David and his Dave's Dynamos.

Mick's Marauders have also climbed after the very close call against Simon's Auckland Rams.




Round 13 will be a relief fo us as there's a full set of eight games.

It's likely that some of our star players may be injured and personnel changes could be called for.

Hope you are managing your trades well.

Round 13 marks the half way point.

As we stared with just 40 trades to play with after Round 1 in theory we would be aiming to have kept 20 trades up our sleeves. If you have more than 20 left you are likely to feel reasonably happy.

Anybody got a lot more than that left????

Here's hoping you have a good Round 13.



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