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TotalRL NRL SUPER COACH Fantasy League 2014 - FINAL Points Total + Head2Head Results + Awards; News for 2015

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Just look how tight it is at the top. The average per round between Andrew and Jack in 1st and 2nd is just 0.08 of a point!!!

Nine Supercoaches passed the 1000 point mark this week

Gaz and Tim were two of them, keeping pressure on our leaders both of them still well within reach. Others in the 1000+ club were David (ThR), Warrick, Si, Kevin and David (D'sD).

Our top scorer was Tim and his Barrow Bunnies on 1278 points. Well done Tim.

Special mention has to go to David and his Dave's Dynamos  with a score of 1,120 that a number of coaches higher in the table would love to have got.

It's noticeable how scores can vary dramatically from week to week with the same or almost the same team being selected!


We are in possibly the toughest phase of the season currently. The big block of rounds affected by byes and Origin selection, let alone the natural element of injury or loss of form means it can be tough for us.

Caps off then to those with big scores at this time.

It's very close at the top of our lively Head2Head league. In the battle between last week's top two, Gav was knocked off the top despite a very good score of 1150 by an in form Andrew and his Sika's Savages (1219). So this week it's Andrew who takes over the No 1 position.

Now in second place is Jack and his Rabbit 2014 Premier team. Andrew and Jack are now the only two on 18 league points. Watch out for Gav though, he still has the healthiest point difference and is ready to pounce if anyone above slips up.

Kevin and Si had a titanic struggle  with Si just coming out on top by just 11 points in the closest game of the round..




The tough times continue. There's six teams on byes this week which could potentially cause mayhem in the ranks! Any of our players from Broncos, Cowboys, Raiders, Sea Eagles, Sharks or Warriors will be sitting R14 out. Aaaaahhhhh!!!!! At least we have the use of four trades this week if we need or want the, Tread carefully friends!


Graham B)

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R14 late news: Paul Carter (Titans) dropped until further notice misses R14 and beyond???

He's on a drink drive charge driving wrong way downa road in the early hours of the morning.

Could be a problem if like me you were counting on him playing this weekend.

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I wonder how many players you've managed to get in play for R14?


Tricky eh?


Especially with QLD calling up extras to their squad to cover for the semi-injured ones.


Then there's other players who either don't get selected or have a run in with the law and get themselves ruled out.


Tough job this!

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I expect you think I'll sum that up as a tough week? Yes, you're right.

Byes  together with injuries and player indiscretion meant that

picking something like a fully functioning team was always going to be hard... and it was!




So it's perhaps no surprise that not one of us scored over 1000 points this week.

Warrick is mentioned in dispatches though for a magnificent 996 points in the circumstances.

Hats off to you mate.

The nearest to Danger Mo and still producing 'phew' scores of 800+ were David (DD) 878,

Graham 833 (MR) and Tim 804 (BB). No change in the top five though but Warrick moves up one place from 7th to 6th.

David (DD) was rewarded with a two place climb too. Si (MS) was also upwardly mobile by one place.


I said last week we were in the tough zone ... well of course we still are and will be for a few more weeks.

As said above their were no gigantic scores this week and all the victories were by reasonably clear margins. This comp is to some degree the luck of the draw.

Hard luck if you did OK but were drawn against one of the above mentioned opponents.

Here's a round up of the head to head results:




We have to keep telling ourselves to plough on knowing that everyone is in the same boat.

What happens though when you loose the paddle and end up in that well known sidewater?

Good luck in R15, there's only four teams on byes this week! Oh and that pesky Origin game.


Graham B)

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That was another tricky dicky of a week in the realm of SuperCoach.

Was it sink or swim for you?

Well let's have a butcher's, overall points first:




Yes a bit of a struggle as it turned out and as I suspect many of us expected.

Perhaps then just three teams to mention herewith - well done to Andrew (Sika's Savages) and Warrick the only two (Danger Mo...)

to break into the 900's. I reckon you did OK if you got into the 800's or even the top of the 700's.

Jimbo did particularly well with his Quarriors team currently in 17th place but sure to climb if that kind of performance can be sustained.


Now let's examine our head to head clash ladder:


It's tough at the top. Sika showed me the way in our head to head match this week and he still is top of the pile.

Warrick hold 2nd place on his own but is in a close tussle with Gav and Jack. Andrew has put together a good run of victories up in the thin air.

Here's our H2H match results this week:




Keep in there.

All the best

Graham B)

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Just to let you know I am likely to struggle to update this thread this coming weekend. I won't have access to the internet sufficient to be able to create graphics etc.

So bear with me and I'll update the topic after Round 17

Thanks in advance for your patience.

You are welcome to enter details or comments in the meantime especially after Round 16 as explained above.




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Here we go again...


I am plunging straight on to our positions after R17 and last weekend's games.




Well done Andrew and Tim the only ones to score 1000+ points.

I wasn't able to buy and sell for various reason but did manage to make the best of the players I had.

While that limited my scoring ability it did at least save me all those trades.

I had been getting through a lot so I reckon now I shouldn't be too badly placed for the final run in.

Once this week's Round 18 is over we have a straight run in then to the end of Round 26 when this comp finishes.

From R19 on there's no byes and no Origin affects. Hooray!

Given my limitations this week I was fairly relieved to get over 800 points.

Congratulations then to David (Th Rab 929) and Stephanie (St Rhinos 917) who produced very respectable scores.

My own score was rescued a bit by a good score from my captain.

Hope you've managed your trades so that you can cope with this week and any selection choices or problems you make or meet in the remaining rounds.


Warrick is still keeping Andrew on his toes at the top. Both have won at least their last 5 head to head matches ... and then some.

I've somehow managed to join Jack up there chasing them hard.

Tim and David deserve a mention too as they have also won their last five matches.

Clair gets a mention too for having won four of her last five head to head battles.


Here's the details of all the H2H clashes in R17:




Good luck in Round 18 everyone. Let's hope we don't get any injuries in Origin or problems with players not backing up.

Graham B)

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I'm back and this week there's plenty of points been collected by lots of us.

Ten of us gained over a thousand points with Andrew (Sikas S) collecting a huge 1300+ score. Well done.

Tim  had a great week too amassing an admirable 1275 points.

Mentioned in dispatches this week are Nate, Davis and James (SmashnGrab) with a terrific totals.

Well done to those  right up and down the ladder that achieved impressive scores.




I'd have done better if I'd made one or two different selections from my squad!!!!

Maybe one or two others met that problem this week?


Well I've come back to find that it's Warrick and Andrew that have forged a significant lead with just seven round still to play.

They are battling away at the top while the Davids and Norm are giving chase followed by a pack of four of us on twenty points.

We are through the tough parts of the season now with no more byes or Origin games to put spanners in the works.

We've just injuries and selection worries to manage now.

I wonder how many, if any, trades you have left?

Oh and before I forget here's the results of the individual H2H games in R19:




One or two close calls there and some not so.

Good luck in Round 20 everyone. It's still all to play for.

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I'd have done better if I'd made one or two different selections from my squad!!!!

Maybe one or two others met that problem this week?


Certainly mate. Somehow Gagan who has been going well at Cronulla who I picked, ended up with 0 Points even though he played 80 Minutes!! Hurrell also was a disappointment with just 18 and I had a couple of 30s when a couple of Players on the sidelines got 50s was frustrating. Still I think most had a decent week after the Origin period. Well done to Tim and Andrew in getting 1275 and 1311!

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Match tipsters found Round 20 very tough. It looks like us SCoaches found it to be tougher than average.

It was another round where injuries happened. Holding back a few swaps for these last few round could have been a key move.

Andrew (Sika's S), Tim (Barrow Bunnies), Graham (Mel Rovers), Gav (Holker P RL) and Nate (The Rookie) were the only five to score 1000+ points in the round.

Currently only Andrew and Tim are still maintaining an average of over 1000 points a round.

There are three or four others in with a chance of improving that position given a good run up to the finishing line in Round 26.

Newcomers please note this competition does finish at the end of R26.

Having said that it appeared to be a tricky week it must be said there was a fair spread of decent scores up and down the table .

There were 10 teams gaining points in the 900s ranging from near the top and right throughout the second half of the ladder.

Sound stuff then from Steph, Clair, Mick, James, Ross and Kev




Now let's have a gander at our Head to Head tussles.




A couple of close calls there with Ross (Sea Eagle Saints) only just going down to David's Thatcham Rabbitohs.

Well played Ross and hard luck.

Other close calls were Clair's victory over Mick by 40 points.

Special mention goes to Kev and his Saddleworth Bunnies who only just lost out to 4th place Norm and his Invincibles.

How's it going for you?

I managed to put one over Warrick and his Danger Mo team but Warrick's still the one who is currently in the best place to catch

Andrew and his high flying Sika's Savages at the top. Both of them have won four of their last five games.

David and his Thatcham Rabbitohs is the only one to have won his last five head to heads.


So we've six rounds left to manage any swaps we have and to settlethe score with our nearest rivals.

It's been a great season so far for us and this league.

Good luck to you, especially in Round 21.

As good managers and players say, we'll just take one game at a time.


Graham B)

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Late mail R21


Will Sam actually play.

Latest says 50-50 chance.

Not very reassuring that!

Not much chance of Shaun Johnson playing by all accounts - not 100% for sure but more probably out than possibly out.

No John Sutton

No Josh Morris.

Josh Mansour is ready to return.

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Late News:


Uate won't be playing -

He's been dropped to NSW Cup if he does play at all.

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Took a risk with Sam Burgess but he didnt play! Good news was I had JT as Captain and that saw 270 points from him coming to the team!! Tough times ahead for those with no Swaps left as it seems key players dropping like flies. No Johnson, Burgess, SBW, this week. And a few more injuries received over the weekend

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I did the reverse - I didn't play Burgess.

I was pleased to have Hayne as my captain.

I've still a few swaps left.

SBW has gone from my team - traded him last week.

Disappointed they gave Sam Tomkins a rest with a fair bit of the game left to go today.

ST was scoring well against a Raiders side well off their game.

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Well I suppose it depends if you have held back some swaps as to whether you are OK now

and perhaps more importantly will be for the rest of the SC season (5 more rounds 22-26).

That round was a real mixed bag for us.

Those who gambled on Surgess playing got stung in all likelihood.Choice of captaincy may have been your saving grace, 

or maybe not!

In terms of the Points Table the top remains much as it was before the round.

Overall only seven of us topped the 1000 point mark this week.

Andrew was our top scorer befitting his top place in the ladder.

Tim however is chasing hard - as are we all - and there's still plenty of time left.

Injuries have and continue to be a major issue this season. Good luck on that front.

If you have saved some swaps this is the part of the season when it pays off. If you haven't I guess it's fingers crossed until the end for you.




In H2H terms it's again a case of holding position, and probably trying for a last big effort to sneak a place or two up before the curtain comes down.

Nate had a good week and is surely going in the right direction having won 4 out of his last 5 H2Hs.

There were a fair number of close calls this week, see below.





Putting a bit of time in now will pay dividends.

The H2H ladder is seeing us stretch out a bit.

David (TR) is finishing strongly having won all of his last five matches, the only one of us who can say that.


Good luck in the week ahead.

If you've got Surgess will you keep him?

Yes he's on the list to play - but so was he last week!

For those finding it tough with few or no swaps left let's hope there's an injury free week or two ahead.



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Tough time at mo as another round with a host of injuries and suspensions! Fensom, Cartwright, Wade Graham, Bodene Thomson, Pat Richards for example missing this Weekend and Shaun Johnson again not set to play. Very much some big gains or losses to be made. Lucky I have a few swaps left, but those who dont it must be very frustrating. Sam Burgess was in my Team last week as thought he would play- and didnt but still got a decent score with JT being Captain and a couple of others doing well.

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Round 22 proved to be an above average points scoring week for our league.

Twelve of us scored over a thousand points with Kev just sneaking in with 1001!

Our top scorer was The Rookie (Nate 1270), surely the most mis-named of all of us on here.

I thought I'd catch Nate up but was let down by picking the wrong captain this week.

Mustn't complain though as I know that some teams were struggling to put a full 17 players out to play

due largely to a swathe of injuries.

Well done then Nate 1270, Graham 1252,

Tim 1139, Andrew 1111, Jack 1108, David (ThR) 1103

Si 1078, Norm 1060, David (DD) 1050, Gav 1027, Warrick 1024 and Kev 1001

That sees three of us now averaging 1000+ ponts a week so far with two or three others in striking distance of making that category.





How did it go for you in this week's Head2Head?

Let's have a look at the individual results.

Thatcham Rabbitohs and Rabbit 2014 Premiers might have won normally with those scores,

but the draw saw them come up against The Rookie and Melbourne Rovers which meant they missed out this week.

It must have been an odd sort of week as some previously high scoring teams missed a beat there.

I can only think that injuries and just the way player scoring performances can vary so much didn't do you any favours.




So this is our H2H Ladder as a result of those matches:


SCoachH2HAfterR22201490pc_zpscb2891d7.jpFINAL HEAD2HEAD LADDER 2014


Sika has a two game (4 point) cushion at the top which looks increasingly ominous for the chasing pack.

Warrick is still there on his own in second place but with Tim, Graham and David (ThR) chasing hard.

That is if this ladder continues. The comp Finals Comp could see this ladder finish her - I'm not sure.



As a result of the position at the end of this round (R22) the draw has been made for another 

TotalRLSCLeague14, for the League Finals Comp

Here it is:




As I hope you can make out it is the league positions as they are now that determine who plays who and how they progress, or don't, 

through Rounds 23, 24, 25 and 26 when all our leagues finish.

There's two Finals Comps, Top 8 and 9 to 16

Using the top 8 as out example you can see that those in positions 1 to 4 get an advantage: if they with they progress to Week 3, if they lose they get another chance in Week 2.

So by following the arrows you can see how the winners go forward and the losers drop out.

The same system applies  to the 9 to 16  Finals 

Sadly players in positions 17 to 20 haven't made the cut for this comp.

However the Total Points competition carries on.


I'm not sure  about the Head 2 Head comp  - whether the overall ladder continues to build or if it is replaced by the Knockout Finals Comps.

Maybe you know and can tell us?


Let's see how the weekend's injuries have affected us for R23.

Good luck to all and as always your views are appreciated.


Graham  B)

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To begin with this week I'll clarify the position regarding the Head2Head comp.

The ladder as of last week's H2H (end of Round 22) is the final one.

It will no longer be updated by SuperCoach or me.

The Play-offs take over in the Head to Head comp and involve the top 16.

If you were in places 17 to 20 I'm afraid that's the end of the Head2Head season for you.


The Points Comp, of course, continues right up to the end so all 20 of us are involved to the conclusion of Round 26.

Remember, in this competition, the end is on completion of Round 26 - so don't be saving your remaining trades beyond that!  :D


So if you want to inspect the final Head to Head Ladder it is in the post above (the one I posted on 12th August).


Right, on to this week.


First of all as I've already mentioned the points comp continues so let's have a look at it in the light of our Round 23 efforts:




Well that's a very creditable week for us.10/20 cracked the 1000+ points barrier

with another 3 in the 900s.

Our top scorer this week was Tim with 1270 just outscoring Andrew 1251) by 19 points.

Graham (1173) in third place completes the trio at the top currently having averaged over the 1000 points per round for the season.

However certainly Warrick and  David are well within striking distance of joining that group and possible Gav, Si and  Norm given three belting scoring weeks to finish with.

I notice that Kev in 13th spot is the first one in the table to climb places this week.


So how did we fair in the first week of the Head2Head Play-Offs?


Well there were some very close calls:




In theTop 8 - League Finals comp the big winners are Tim and Warrick who by their victories have progressed to Week 3 (R25)

and sit out this week (R24) though of course their team does still take part in the Points Competition.

The top game turned out to be a titanic struggle between Tim (Barrow Bunnies) and Andrew (Sika's Savages)

Tim lost out by just those 19 points but lives to fight another day moving forward to play me in the next round.

So sadly knocked out this week were David (Dave's Dynamos - sorry Dave) and David (Thatcham Rabbitohs).

This means that 6 of us battle on here.


The same can be said in the Minor Premiership.

Gav and Nate leap straight into Week 3 and have a H2H rest this week (R24).

The two knocked out were Clair  (Clair's Crusaders) and Mick (Micks Marouders)


Hard luck if you were KO'd better luck next season.

The Total Points Competition does of course continues.

Good luck in that.


The season therefore is building towards it' climax now then with just three rounds left (R24,25 and 26)

Have you any Trades left?

Maybe your team is so strong that you won't need any more anyway.

Is there anybody who is struggling to put 17 fit players on the pitch - having run out of trades and suffering in the last few weeks? 


Have a good week.

Good luck in the comp

Enjoy your Rugby League


Graham  B)

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Driving down to Croatia with stopovers at Fulda, Munich, Bad Reichenhall and then spending a few days at Porec so hope I dont get any injuries etc as not sure I will have Internet Access that much! Got 4 Swaps if Needed. Another few injury worries for a few top picks this week- James Segayaro, Aaron Woods for example. Ben Teo is suspended as well. Good News is SBW is due back in the next week or so. But will he Play 80 minutes whenever he is fit?

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You've probably got more trades left than most so you do have room to manoeuvre if you can get on to the internet.

Sounds like an interesting journey (holiday?)

Have a good time. 



Have i mentioned the round kicks off on Thursday this week?  :download:

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Holidays mate and know a few people in Bavaria as lived there for many years so catching up. Dont mind doing a long Road trip and going through the Alps on the Autobahn is pretty good. We often do the 7-8 hr trip down to Munich and Bad Reichenhall. Never driven in Slovenia and Croatia so shall be interesting. Least no Road Trains to overtake like last year in Australia, when we drove from Gold Coast to Cairns!

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Leave Friday after work. Sam Kasiano ruled out for the season. Hurrell is named this week though as is Segeyaro but ist not 100% that either will Play though Segeyaro has said all is well though could be a risk if he Plays and he goes down again. . Fuifui MoiMoi has walked out on Parramatta after being dropped for potentially his last ever home game !! Full of Drama at the Moment with Injuries, suspensions and now Players Walking out!

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Shame about MoiMoi you'd have thought given the situation he would have been woven into the last home game he'd play even if he wasn't in the team that day.

Some kind of presentation or so?

Instead he's demoted to a feeder club game.

Insensitive handling Eels.

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