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TotalRL NRL SUPER COACH Fantasy League 2014 - FINAL Points Total + Head2Head Results + Awards; News for 2015

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Ouch ... Jesse Bromwich isn't playing.

His partner has just had a baby so he didn't travel to play in this weekend's game vs Panthers.

Congratulations Jesse and partner.



... Just let me know in advance in the future please ...   :tommy:

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Straight away this week here's the Total Points ladder with just two more rounds to go:




Not a bad week considering the lateness in the season and the likelihood of trades being exhausted for plenty of people.

Ten of us again scored more than a thousand points.

Currently half our teams have averaged over 900 points per round in the season

while just three teams run by Andrew, Tim and Graham have topped the 1000 points average per round.


Excitement mounts in the H2H Play-offs.

That was Week 2, a muck or nettles round for all concerned.

The winners moved forward to the semi final. Now there's just four teams left in the League Finals and Minor Premiership comps.

All four teams in the League Finals scored over 1000 points. I lost out to Andrew's Sik's Savages with my Melbourne Rovers team.

The other game was a close run thing with Norm's Invicibles edging out Si's Muenchen Storm by just 28 points.

Well done Andrew who now  moves on to meet Warrick's Danger Mo... team and Norm who will come up against

Tim's Barrow Bunnies.




Steph and Jack had comfortable win in the Minor Premiership games this week. They'll face stiff opposition this week when

they meet Gav's Holker Pioneers and Nate's Rookies.


So the Points Total Competition continues.

Enjoy the last couple of weeks.

Let's hope there's no more last minute drop outs or injury worries.

All the best


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Just one more week left in our competition.

Our R25 results were probably our best set of the season overall yet.

13 of us got 1,000 points or more with a lot gaining way over the thousand mark too.

Steph was over the 1000 mark when I looked yesterday but sadly the dreaded revisions took place and Steph's score just dipped to 997.

Hard luck there. All bar two scored above their season's average round score.

I can't see why Warrick and David's averages are quoted as below 1000 per round when they've totalled over 25,000 points in 25 rounds can you?


So, now we know our H2H Finalists in our League Final and our Minor Premier Final.

After some tough scrapes these last two or three weeks our finalists are now known:

facing our regular season points leader Andrew and his Sika's Savages is second top points scorer Tim and his Barrow Bunnies.

Norm and Warrick came so close to a Grand Final place!


It's Gav and Nate who face off in the Minor Premiership. Close but no coconut to Jack and Steph who bow out at the semi final stage.

So then with a great week under our belts we enter the fray for the last time this season.

Good luck to everyone.

The results will be posted next week at this time so look out for them and let's look forward to doing battle again next season.

I'm guessing there's few or no trades left.

So for a lot of us it may be a case of shuffling the pack where necessary if injuries or other problems have beset you.

We'll meet again here next week. First one get the drinks in!


Graham B)

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Thanks for all the work you put in over the season Graham much appreciated  .... good luck to the finalists ....hope to see you next season

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OK finally back after 3000km trip to Croatia via Austria and Slovenia from Northern Germany-what a great trip! Anyway back to the Comp. First of all thanks Graham for your hard work and updates. Very much appreciated from myself and no doubt the rest. Personally was looking very good then Jesse Bromwich pulled out and my Dreams went with that as narrowly lost. Still such is the drama of the comp that anything can happen. Well done to our 4 finalists and wish you all the best over the weekend. 

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Well the TotalRL SuperCoach Season 2014 is over.

Our Points Total Competition is complete after 26 rounds of a pretty unpredictable season.


I put this table here as it appears on the official Super Coach site.


I do question the averages though.

If a team has scored a total in excess of 26,000 over a 26 week season then in my book that means they have an average in excess of 1000.

So I have added the short green line in the ladder to indicate that I believe the teams above that line have averaged over 1000 points a week for the 2014 NRL Super Coach season.

This would mean that as well as Andrew, Tim and Graham,  Warrick and David should, in my opinion, be included in that group.


If I'm wrong I'm sure one of you will correct me.




Our TotalRLSCLeague14 Points Champion is Andrew and his Sika's Savages with an admirable total of 28,896 points.

Runner up was Tim and his Barrow Bunnies. Third place goes to Graham and his Melbourne Rovers.

Thank you to all 20 people who took part in our competition.

We will be running a Super Coach competition from this TotalRL Forum next season so everyone is invited to meet up again here

for a rematch then.



Everyone will want to know how the coveted Head to Head tournament went.

The finals series both Top 8 and 9 to 16 had their fair share of hard luck stories between Round 23 and 26 the period during which the Finals Series ran.

All the same two worthy teams met in both finals.

In the biggie, our Top 8 Premiership Final it was fittingly a battle between the two of the season's top point scorers Andrew and Tim.

Here's how the result turned out in the battle of the titans:




So it was Tim who took the Premiership Title. His Barrow Bunnies beat Andrew's Sika's Savages by a slim but important margin of just 37 points.

Well done Tim, hard luck Andrew.

I won't recap the finals series as the diagram above says it all.

It also tells us that in the 9 to 16 Play-Offs it was Nate and his The Rookie team who in the final anaysis beat a fast finishing Gav and his Holker Pioneers RL by 149 points

in the H2H Minor Premiership Final


So in conclusion, thanks again to everyone who took part.

NRL 2014 will be a fresh Super Coach challenge to us.

It would be great to have you all with us again with a fresh start for that competition.

All the best,

Graham  B)

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*** SCPointTotalChamp2014_zpsa7e8cb93.gif *** SCH2HPremiers2014_zps9cf9fa2c.gif ***


********  SCH2HMinorPrem201490pc_zpsd2d4c0f4.gif  ********




Well done to our four Head2Head Finalists and to everyone who wouldn't let

NRL Season 2014 get the upper hand, however unpredictable it became!

Hope to see you all here again in 2015

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Just for fun I've set myself a SuperCoach team for the Finals

I've picked myself a 13 man team for Finals Week 1.

It's the first time I've had a go at this.

Go Melbourne Rovers!


Anyone fancy joining me in the next couple of days I've set up a league:


TOTALRLFINALS 2014 (852705)


While I'm happy to toddle along on my own I think it would be a bit better if you decided to join me.

If you've already been in the 2014 Super Coach 2014 League on this forum it's easy to join via a tab on your regular season team page.

It'd be great to have you along.



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JARRYD Hayne’s shock decision to quit the NRL for the NFL has created a full-blown SuperCoach crisis.

10 of the best 20 players in NRL SuperCoach now have grave doubts over their keeper status for 2015.

Three key players have left the NRL - Sam Burgess (the best player in SuperCoach this year), Jarryd Hayne (the best SuperCoach back of all time) and Sonny Bill Williams (the 15th ranked player this year).James Tedesco, Shaun Fensom and Josh Dugan face injury issues, while Trent Merrin has also been for surgery and faces an uncertain contract future at the Dragons.

Corey Parker, Ben Hunt and Matt Gillett’s SuperCoach worth is on the line following Wayne Bennett’s move to the Broncos.

Bennett-coached teams are notoriously poor for SuperCoach. Apart from Jamie Soward’s amazing season in 2009, Bennett has never coached a SuperCoach keeper...


Supercoach Player Crisis Article Read Here

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