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The King Of Leon

got told its GF winner that goes up

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As a Hunslet fan I don't subscripe to the view that we we will finish top of the league as we do not have that win, win culture that is needed..

I believe that any club that finishes in top spot should go up-- haven't seen how many clubs will be involved in the play offs will it be 2, will it be 4, will it be 6, or will it be 8   - if its 8 it means that a club who finishes eighth  could be promoted no matter how many points they are behind in the league table.-

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4 weeks to the start of the season & we have to wait until after next Thursday's meeting to find out what we're doing.

I expect if the top club does have to play no. 10 in Championship, they'll have home advantage making it a pretty tough ask for the Ch 1 side.

Good luck to the clubs selling season tickets while this is going on.

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