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With just 12 days to go until we kick off the season and the 2014 rugby league journey begins we want to make sure fans are ready for the season ahead.


You will have by now noticed many changes at the club, both behind the scenes and on the field.


Our ground is looking smart and with the launch of the scoreboard at the Featherstone game it will really add to the match day experience for all. We are continuing to improve the ground and with the development plans we have a genuine reason to be excited about the future and what may come.


As a club we have a real credibility within the game and other teams/players are interested in what we do and who we are. Glenn has already explained how players from across the globe have wanted to come to Dewsbury to play.


Having already played Bradford we secured a friendly with another Super League team within hours of the Doncaster game being called off. With an expected strong lineup from Castleford the game will be invaluable for us.


Our marketing manager has implemented strategies that we hope will get more people into the games and keep those that already come satisfied and entertained. Believe me, she is working tirelessly behind the scenes!


In efforts to increase revenue and to keep fans linked with the club throughout the week we had our first ever Christmas Dinner and will be having regular quiz nights starting this Thursday. We offer wedding packages and there will be other events throughout the season.


There are of course many other things that go on behind the scenes and those at the club continue to work hard for the club and the supporters.


As we now go into the final preparations for the season ahead we recognize that some supporters have chosen not to get a season ticket, we understand that some supporters may feel like their concerns have been overlooked or not adequately addressed. This is your opportunity to raise any questions you would like answering. Simply post them in this thread and I will try and answer (or get them answered) for you.


We cannot predict what the 2014 season will hold, but we can go into it together.


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Firstly a thumbs up to you and the others behind the scenes. I know there are people doing all sorts of things to help out, giving up alot of there own time to do so.More of general question what is the next project for the stadium ?

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I know plenty more to get a season ticket. Some will just leave it until on day of the opener v fev. Others are unsure because of holidays ect but I'd expect to sell quite afew more in the coming weeks and undead on the day of the opener v fev. I orderd mine last Friday. I also know afew fans who stopped going last season have said they will come to more games next season, having lost interest over the last few seasons. I honestly believe the club should of been doing things like this in the last 2 seasons and that is one of the reasons why maybe have lost interest. For some fans, the clubs inability to market itself, even in the easiest terms was frustrating but well done to all concerned for the huge turnaround! Imsure in the next few seasons out crowd base will grow, especially if we play good open rugby like the last few games and the match day experience improves . It would be hard to not come back if all these were to happen, if fans try it for the first time! This as got to be the biggest pre season buzz at the club since we got promoted and won every match played in front of a 1,000 strong rams home crowd every week!

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