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"Joe Whittington maybe?

I agree, I'm surprised that Acker has been overlooked, alongside his brother John, of course"


No - by George Withington, I DID mean George Withington! (Joe Whittington wasn't bad either!)

George played around the same time as (say) Ken Bosworth, and round about the time Trevor Callaghan restarted after he came out of jail.   Possibly Willie O'Donnell was in the team around the same time.  


(And yes, John Bates was a good second rower and toured Australia with GB. It was on that tour that he got a bad neck injury which sadly finished his career. He was also a very nice lad. Not a malicious bone in his body.)


Which then brings to mind Harry Royal who was playing scrum half when I was just big enough to toddle along to the ground, and who was (in)famous for leading, as the captain, the entire team off the park when he took exception to the way a referee was handling the game. Match abandoned. And Roy (Ray?) Laycock another good scrum half who kept a pub on Bradford Road (Imperial I think, kept a good pint of Joshua's!), and who also played for "the unmentionables".  I can remember my female cousin taking me to the matches back then (she was about 10 years older than me) and had a few crushes on various players. She became especially blooming (at the time I just noticed she was a little flushed, I didn't understand the biology) whenever one of her favourites got the ball.


Other good players from the early-mid '50's were the Warings (Malcolm-hooker and Gordon-winger), Roy Pollard, another winger, called Hemingway, who created the same excited anticipation in the crowd when he got the ball as Eddie Rombo did in more recent times. Johnny Wilson, and Smut Smith, and another Maori called Nepia who looked like he was going to be a great player but then I think returned to New Zealand. A guy called Ormonroyd who was a classy stand-off, but I think got a bad career-ending injury.


But I have to say the best of the best (twenty years on from that) was Mike Stevenson. Homegrown superstar. I'll never forget him getting the ball playing out of the Crown Flatt nine-oil, breaking a few tackles and then outpacing everyone to score in an 80 yards (he claims it was 97 yards) run up the slope. And bear in mind this was a hooker, when hookers had to be hookers in "real" scrums!


I can also remember playing with Jim and Joe Lyman.....but that was at bowls at the old Dewsbury Rugby green behind the Pavilion (club house). Not quite old enough (and likely not good enough) to have played Rugby with them! Around the same time a loose-forward called Robinson played a bit of bowls on training nights, he'd won the Yorkshire Post Boy's trophy when he was younger.

Arthur Wilmot (ex-prop forward) and his son David (close schoolboy friend of mine) who later played for Keighley were also amongst the bowls fraternity, as was Norman Smith (second team coach at the time).  During that same period the groundsman and greenkeeper was called Trevor Hall.  What he didn't know about growing grass wasn't worth knowing, and the Dewsbury Rugby green won the Yorkshire Greenkeeper's trophy 3 or 4 times when he was looking after it, and the rugby pitch looked like a sloping Wembley.  Looks like we could do with him at Shaw Cross!


Gotta give up I'm getting all nostalgic.

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Some great memories Flattopper. Harry Royal was my mum's favourite player. Now my dad felt just the opposite - about two prop forwards he thought were useless! Nonetheless they were in the first team each week and he used to complain constantly about them. I recall them playing, but not much else and their surnames were Judge and Dolan. Do you have any details at all? I think Brian Smith was in the middle of them (now I do remember him, so perhaps his predecessor (who that might be I cannot be sure) may have been supported by them).

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