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Cliff in Myanmar

Open Letter to Featherstone Rovers

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Dear Featherstone Rovers,


Please find below an enquiry that I sent to you several times last year to the following email addresses:


Having received no response from those emails I can only assume that the email addresses were wrong, or redundant. It is my hope through using the medium of this forum that you will eventually receive my message, although I will also post this message on the Featherstone Rovers Facebook group.

Dear Craig, Mark, Paul
I thought I'd wait until the off-season to get in touch as I realised you were all a bit busy at the back end of last season. Congratulations by the way on a wonderful campaign, and also on the build up to next season, I for one am very excited about 2014 , John Bastian and a host of new faces.
I'm an overseas FEV fan, I get to one (sometimes two) games a year. Born in Ponte, I am a lifelong supporter, however for the past seven years I have lived away from the UK and therefore rely heavily on match reports, and facebook to follow the matches. Unfortunately I cannot receive mail, so periodically I get a pile of match DVD's from my dad as and when friends come out, or colleagues head back to the UK for a holiday, and I watch them back to back.
Last year there was a big announcement that Rovers TV was making a comeback, it was reported to be happening in May alongside a new webpage....nothing happened!
Is Rovers TV something you are still working on? It can't be that much work to upload the game onto the web, and make it accessible only by a paid-for password?
The chance to buy a virtual season ticket that would give me and the many other overseas fans the chance to watch a recording of the games would be amazing!
Thanks, and good luck with the rest of the off-season
Cliff Lonsdale

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Hi Cliff,


I am a Leigh Centurions fan and i recently set up Leigh Centurions TV which is a paid for service based on a yearly or monthly subscription.


See this link for details


I did contact a number of championship clubs to see if they would be interested in this service but got no response (one of those contacted was Fev)


I would be willing to talk to Fev about setting this up for them if they are interested?


Just to let you know Centurions TV has been running for just over 8 months and at yesterdays game v Batley i handed over a cheque for £10,000 :-) to the club.


We have had some great reviews on the service and im sure the featherstone fans would be please with the product we can deliver.


If you would like anymore details then please let me know


Yours in sport,


Stefan Sale



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There's a shortened 7 minute video of yesterdays highlights on the Dewsbury Fans Forum.

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Saley2, that's great news that a) it is possible and B) it seems to be profitable. I'm not sure anyone from the club reads this forum, my letter was more of a cry for help from someone who might have contacts within the club to bring it to their attention, as my emails had fallen on deaf ears. There seems to be some considerable interest in this idea and so hopefully the club will consider it.


Cheers Steve, as disappointing as the result was, I'm desperate to get my fix of FR. 7 minutes of video takes a couple of hours to download, and worth every minute.

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I'm someone who reads this must be in some form of contact with the board?

The offer of help is there should they wish to get in touch with me :-)

Good luck for the season it's going to be a cracking one


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Good news - raised this at the forum tonight - the club havent forgotten about it, obviously other things have taken priority over it but they are looking at overhauling the website as its poor at best at the minute, this overhaul is occuring within the next 8 weeks and with it they are hoping to increase their online prescence including more highlights etc, so i guess a case of watch this space at the minute

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