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jwilliams15    0

Hi all,


I am currently a 3rd Year student, studying at Uclan conducting research for my dissertation titled: How does Religion and culture effect participation and perceptions of rugby league. My basis for the research is to discover why rugby league is such a minority sport and how barriers can be broken down to encourage more people to be involved in our beloved game! This short questionnaire will aim to get a fans point of view. The survey is anonymous and will take approximately 5 minutes to complete and all data collected will be held anonymously and securely. Any personal details will be destroyed upon completion.


Thank you in advance


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froggie    0

Right Josh, I'm with you. Being a minority sport doesn't mean that it's not the best sport in the world but if you compare numbers through the turnstiles Knights or City, participating clubs on the York amateur scene (3 RL against God knows how many York & district soccer) and even Union can beat us because they've more on the pitch than us!

We have to battle all the time to ensure that we get a fair deal. At least television gives League a fair crack of the whip but over here there is NO exposure on national television. Last year's cup final was not televised. The recent world cup was only accessible through the "pirate" stations. Anyway I'm off to see Avignon (live of course) against Lezignan tomorrow and I'll get back to your questionnaire early next week


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