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Paddy Power... tasteful!

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He'll get the best defence money can buy.


Always go with the money is a common betting policy.


I won't be taking a double on his case with Rolf's.

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Its worked for them as it gets the Paddy Power logo on our screens.


Personally i tell everyone not to use Paddy Power ever since I got an e-mail from them telling me i was no longer eligible for their offers, bonuses etc.After they reviewed my account.

The best thing is, I was not in profit with them! I was a losing punter with them!

Only thing i can think is it was because I was taking advantage of their offers. If they were offering a possibility of money back even if you lose and i was going to back in that event I would back with them, all i was doing is using the offers they would plaster all over tv ads (i.e "if Striker X scores first we will refund all losing bets on the game").


All this latest gimmick offering money back of hes not guilty is to do is to get them on telly and their logo. Oh....I would not be eligible for the money back offer advertised!

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