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New Predictor

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What are everyone's thoughts on the new predictor Mathew Newtons first shot?


Think Mayfield and Blackbrook fans may have something to say! 


Lock Lane v Leigh Miners Rangers – Lock Lane by 6 points
Wigan St Judes v East Hull – East Hull by 10
Hunslet Warriors v Skirlaugh – Hunslet Warriors by 12

Millom v Oulton Raiders – Oulton by 18
Rochdale Mayfield v Dewsbury Celtic – Dewsbury Celtic by 8
Eccles v Myton Warriors – Eccles by 6
Saddleworth Rangers v Shaw Cross Sharks – Saddleworth by 4

Stanningley v Ovenden – Stanningley by 4
Elland v Castleford Panthers – Castleford Panthers by 10
Stanley Rangers v Bradford Dudley Hill – Stanley by 4
Waterhead v Askam – Askam by 8

Blackbrook v Featherstone Lions – Featherstone by 14
Coventry Bears v Heworth – Coventry Bears by 10
Eastmoor Dragons v Woolston Rovers – Woolston Rovers by 10
Wigan St Cuthberts v Crosfields – Crosfields by 8
Underbank Rangers v Hindley – Underbank by 16

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Can't see Mayfield losing at home one league defeat in 16 ? Mayfield will win easy

Spot on. Dewsberry Celtic were well and truly battered. They only managed to scored with the help of the ref who had started to feel sorry for them. Bring on the rest.

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