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Storm v Newcastle - R3 Game - Alex McKinnon Injury News & Discussion ... follow link

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FWIW, I don't think the Melbourne players did much wrong, this type of tackle happens every game without criticism.


My view is that McKinnon seemed to tuck his head the wrong way on going to ground, which I think worsened the situation greatly - I don't know if this was due to coaching or just instinct that made him move his head to the left.


Either way it's just an awful tragedy and I feel so sorry for him, and wish him all the best and the best recovery possible.

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McLean was slugged with a seven-match suspension for the incident but the NRL revealed on Thursday the tackle was a grade two dangerous throw which carries 325 demerit points - a three-week ban.

A further 400 points were allocated after consideration by the panel on a range of factors including the injury suffered by McKinnon.


So that makes it clear that the judiciary judges not only on the offence but on the outcome.

The same tackle could have meant a much lesser penalty if the player on the receiving end had just been able to get up and carry on - yet the action of the offense is the same.

So when fans look for and ask for consistency from refs we will have to factor in this variable.

Presumably then the same goes for the shoulder charge and the cannonball tackle - not so serious if the victim gets up and carries on, whatever the intention or action of the offender.

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Alex's life goes on.

He's been transferred out of Melbourne hospital


ALEX McKinnon has been moved to a Sydney hospital from Melbourne a day after announcing his engagement to long-term partner Teigan Power.

The Newcastle Knights released a statement on the transfer on Tuesday afternoon.

McKinnon has been in the Alfred Hospital in Melbourne since fracturing his C4 and C5 vertebrae in a tackle against the Melbourne Storm two weeks ago.

News of the transfer comes the day after McKinnon announced his engagement to his long-term partner Teigan Power — and vowed to walk her down the aisle.

The young backrower has captured the hearts and minds of the entire rugby league community as he recovers from the devastating neck injuries.

From his hospital bed, McKinnon took to social media to share a photo of himself and his partner with an accompanying message saying the couple are engaged.


Words and a picture can be found here - click

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