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TotalRL NRL Tipping Competition 2014 Round 6 Results Posted; Awards Presented

TotalRL Tipping Competition Poll  

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  1. 1. Which Round 6 game will produce the biggest winning margin?

    • Panthers vs Rabbitohs
    • Titans vs Broncos
    • Raiders vs Knights
    • Eels vs Roosters
    • Tigers vs Cowboys
    • Warriors vs Bulldogs
    • Sea Eagles vs Sharks
    • Storm vs Dragons

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'Stupid Donkey' takes the edge off anything :crazy:

Pour big slug of Capt Morgan in tankard - Add big slug of Tuaca - Splash in lime juice - Fill with ginger ale - NO PROBLEM  :D 

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Is that your Union Flag t-shirt BR?

I can also see Cat in a Hat in the middle distance.

I'll let the others sport what's on the ceiling.


I'll try not to mention the big mug in the photo.



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Well, two very different Sunday games.

One of them was a one sided result where the losing team just couldn't find their form in soft conditions.

The other game was one of those close encounters settled by a field goal right at the end.

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Well that was a right game to finish off the round with. Heart in the mouth stuff.

Commiserations to Dragons fans whose team came so close to upsetting the home team.

BR and the other Storm fans at the game must have been feeling destined to come to terms with a loss.

I thought it was all over midway through the second half whaen Dragons built up a comfortable lead and seemed to have the best of the chances and were finishing well.

You should never say die though.

Having watched every minute of that game I'm still not sure how we came back and took the spoils.

They say play for 80 minutes. Storm used about 81 minutes to score the winning points there,

Cor blimey, guv. You can get your breath back now BR.

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Panthers 2 - 18 Rabbitohs Away Win (margin of victory 16 points)

Titans 12 - 8 Broncos Home Win (margin of victory 4 points)

Raiders 12 - 26 Knights Away Win (margin of victory 14 points)

Eels 14 - 12 Roosters Home Win (margin of victory 2 points)

Tigers 16 - 4 Cowboys Home Win (margin of victory 12 points)

Warriors 20 - 21 Bulldogs Away Win (margin of victory 1 point)

Sea Eagles 24 - 4 Sharks Home Win (margin of victory 20 points)

Storm 28 - 24 Dragons Home Win (margin of victory 4 points)

NRL Round 4 Summary

Winners: Rabbitohs, Titans, Knights, Eels, Tigers, Bulldogs, Sea Eagles and Storm

3 Away Wins

Points total: 245

Poll: Biggest Margin : Sea Eagles v Sharks

Tipping Comp Results /8:

Oikee 3

R L Winger 3

thirteenthman 6

Southstander13 5

Railway End 4

JimBronco 4

Stoney100 5

G Las D 5

Bourbon Rat 5

Rugby Female 5

Simon Kerr 5

Barney 4

Lounge Room Lizard 4

Kiwityke 5

Marv Woodburn 4


Match Tipping:

In the scheme of things this season we all seemed to scrape through that round  OK

Well done to our top scorer this week  Thirteenthman with a very presentable  6/8

Points Total: Only 245 points were scored this week. Closest to this was Oikee who was 25 points away .

The Away Win comp was jointly won this week by  JimBronco and Marv Woodburn who both correctly predicted there'd be 3 away wins.

Our Poll Comp was won by Oikee, R L Winger, Southstander13, Railway End, Simon Kerr   and   Marv Woodburn, who all correctly predicted Sea Eales v Sharks as the biggest margin of victory of the round

Animated awards will be presented to this week's winners as soon as I've been able to create them. The tipping comp ladder(s) will be updated likewise asap.

Our Round 7 tipping competition will be posted shortly.

Congratulations to our top scorer this week Thirteenthman our Champion this week

Thanks to everyone who took part.


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Well done 13thman! :)


I may stick with my new 'system'!!!! No away wins 1 wk, no home wins another......just keep alternating!!! :girlcrazy:


Well done Storm, that was a brilliant match to watch as a neutral. :)

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*************  ROUND 6  *************
 ------------- AWARDS ------------- 
************** TipsterR62014_zpsf9beb062.gif **************

PointsR62014_zps12b66018.gif * AwayR62014_zpsba07a3eb.gif * PollR62014_zps72b23a87.gif * LeadersR62014_zps07ccbcb7.gif


Congratulations to Thirteenthman  our top scorer this week.
Our group strike rate was an improving but up on last week very slightly 67/120 or  56% B)
The Round 7 competition will be posted shortly.

The Tipsters' Ladder has been posted in a pinned thread
at the top of our forum  with the R6 results of our efforts.

Good Luck in  Round 7 everyone

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