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Just because someone does not agree with your post ( whoever you may be ) why is it construed as being negative.


Within the club there are people who support CH and there are people who don't.


People who think he is ok and good for the club and those that don't.


 This forum should be able to support a debate on that subject without being personal or slagging people off.


In regard to the present team there have been some teams in the past far better , and those memories are real for those who shared those times.


There are some teams who may not have been as good as the present time.


If people refer to the past they are often derided for doing so, which is wrong, for one day  todays team that the fans presently support will be the team of the past full of fans memories some good some not so good.


All fans I am sure wish the team, coaches and players all the best this season and in the future wherever they may end up playing.


For one person not to  accept another persons right to their opinion gives them no right to express their own.


What may be an idea is to have two threads one about the coaches, players the performances and all that relate to that subject, and a second thread about the club and matters outside the other subject.


Keep them separate and monitored never to be intertwined but kept separate.


Respect each others views in a clear concise debate.


To amend a famous saying one is one and the other is one and never the twain shall meet.

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