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NRL or Super League? Which has the best standard of play?

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NRL is clearly superior, as most of you concede without realising it.


All this talk about NRL being more "structured" effectively translates to being superior. If SL lacks structure then that is an argument against the competition. Tomkins said it himself the other day, there are no teams in NRL with defence, everyone has structure and holds their line, hence why he's struggled to make the same impression he did in SL - paraphrasing him.


James Graham has said the same thing. Sam Burgess has said the same thing. Most English players who've been asked say the same thing. Intensity, structure, professionalism, no easy games, etc. Are they all just sucking up to the Aussies? Nah. NRL is years ahead of SL, simple as that. It's like comparing the Premiership with the Championship in football. Argue all you want about which is more entertaining but there's no question which comp is a class above.


This notion that the NRL signing SL players somehow undoes the point is a strange one. Does anybody doubt that the NBA is the best basketball competition in the world because there's a few Europeans running about in it?

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