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TotalRL NRL Tipping Competition 2014 Round 7 Results Posted; Awards Presented

NRL Poll Round 7 2014  

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  1. 1. Which R7 game will produce the biggest total of points

    • Rabbitohs vs Bulldogs
    • Knights vs Broncos
    • Sea Eagles vs Cowboys
    • Dragons vs Warriors
    • Sharks vs Roosters
    • Raiders vs Storm
    • Eels vs Tigers
    • Panthers vs Titans

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Just watched the Canberra v Mebourne game - fantastic match and a great finish. I notice Craig Bellamy said after the game he was "sick of games being decided on controversial calls". I take his point, but even after the no try ruling the Storm still had a 4 point lead. It was the defensive laspe which allowed Paul Vaughan in which cost them the game. In fact I'd say there were more than a few dodgy decisions which went both ways all afternoon. 


Considering that the grounding was the problem with the Waqa no try, I'm surprised that the replay wasn't viewed a few more times than it was. Also, I'm not convinced the way video ref decisions can be dictated by the refs call is a good system either. Presumably if the on field ref had called it a try when he sent the decision to the video ref, the video ref would have had to call it a try as well, due to the lack of evidence. 

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Rabbitohs 14 - 15 Bulldogs Away Win (Points total 29)
Knights 6 - 32 Broncos Away Win (Points total 38)

Sea Eagles 26 - 21 Cowboys Home Win (Points total 47)
Dragons 20 - 10 Warriors Home Win (Points total 30)
Sharks 18 - 24 Roosters Away Win (Points total 42)
Raiders 24 - 22 Storm  Home Win (Points total 46)
Eels 18 - 21 Tigers Away Win (Points total 39)

Panthers 14 - 12 Titans Home Win (Points total 26)

NRL Round 7 Summary
Winners: Bulldogs, Broncos, Sea Eagles, Dragons, Roosters, Raiders, Tigers and Panthers
4 Home Wins
Points total: 297
Poll: Biggest Points Total : Sea Eagles vs Cowboys - 47

Tipping Comp Results /8:
Bourbon Rat 5

JimBronco 3

thirteenthman 5

Southstander13 5

R L Winger 5

Barney 4

Railway End 5

Simon Kerr 5

Oikee 4
G Las D 5
Stoney100 5
Rugby Female 6
Kiwityke 4
Marv Woodburn 4/7
Match Tipping:
Our tipping seems to have improved a little in general that round.
Well done to our top scorer this week  Rugby Female with an admirable  6/8

Points Total 297 points were scored this week. Closest to this was Southstander13 (+4 points)
The Home Win comp was won this week by  Rugby Female who correctly predicted there'd be 4 home wins.
Our Poll Comp was won by  RBarney who all correctly predicted Sea Eagles v Cowboys as the biggest total of points in the round

Animated awards will be presented to this week's winners as soon as I've been able to create them. The tipping comp ladder(s) will be updated likewise asap.
Our Round 8 tipping competition will be posted shortly.

Congratulations to our top scorer this week Rugby Female our Champion this week
Thanks to everyone who took part.

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*************  ROUND 7  *************
 ------------- AWARDS ------------- 
************** TipsterR72014_zps5edccdd0.gif **************

PointsR72014_zps23393d24.gif * HomeR72014_zps76f64b89.gif * PollR72014_zpse52d09a4.gif * LeadersR72014_zps20336a47.gif


Congratulations to Rugby Female  our top scorer this week.
Our group strike rate seems to be creeping up gradually to 65/111 or  59% B)
Let's hope we can carry on like this.

The Round 8 competition will be posted shortly.

The Tipsters' Ladder has been posted in a pinned thread
at the top of our forum  with the R7 results of our efforts.

Good Luck in  Round 8 everyone

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Wow!!! Thank you 13th man and G......can't believe I did that! :O


When I understand my new system I'm more than willing to share! :good:


Yep 13th man I can't deny, it's been a pretty good rugby wk end for me. :)

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Your patience has paid off ;)

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