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East Midlands Rugby League

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Do any forum members know where I can find any information on results/league tables for the old EMARLA leaguefrom1986 onwards?


Help in identifying any scores, tables, photos would be much appreciated, particularly info regarding Nottingham Crusaders and/or Bulwell.


Information is currently being compiled into a commemorative brochure to celebrate 30 years of RL in Nottingham and to help raise funds for the Nottingham Outlaws new ground/clubhouse.

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86-87 Mansfield & Notts 1st Clowne, 2nd Leicester, 3rd Garibaldi, 4th Rotherham, 5th Nottingham. Cup final at Shirebrook - Clowne 21 Garibaldi 22.

87-88 1st Leicester, 2nd Biddulph, 3rd Clowne, 4th Goldthorpe, 5th Garibaldi, 6th Nottingham, 7th Rotherham, 8th Peterborough. Cup final at Leicester - Clowne 18 Garibaldi 24.

88-89 (Garibaldi joined the Yorkshire League this season) 1st Clowne Angels, 2nd Nottingham Crusaders, 3rd Peterborough, 4th Hexthorpe Barrons, 5th Leicester, 6th Sheffield & Kimberworth, 7th Garibaldi 'A', 8th Clowne, 9th Goldthorpe 'A'. Cup final - Garibaldi 28 Nottingham Crusaders 12. Premiership final - Clowne Angels 32 Nottingham Crusaders 24.


A gap in my records then I have:


1993/94 (the Mansfield and Nottingham league was renamed East Midlands League; around this time Clowne joined the Yorkshire League and Garibaldi dropped down)

League: 1st Nottingham Crusaders, 2nd Garibaldi, 3rd Peterborough, 4th Leicester, 5th Northampton Knights, 6th Bulwell, 7th Shirebrook, 8th Derby City (Moorlands YOI expelled for ill discipline)

Conference: Bulwell A, Clowne A, Telford All Blacks, Garibaldi A, Nottingham Crusaders A, Derby City A


1994/95 (the league absorbed the Mercian League which was a remnant of the MASWARLA; Garibaldi returned to the Yorkshire League and Northampton Knights joined the National Conference League for a year and a half!)

League: 1st West Midlands Police, 2nd Nottingham Crusaders, 3rd Bulwell Panthers, 4th Leicester, 5th Northampton Knights A, Peterborough

Conference: RAF Digby, Clowne A, Telford All Blacks, Derby City, Birmingham


1995/96 (Nottingham Crusaders and Bulwell joined the Yorkshire League): 1st Clowne A, 2nd Birmingham, 3rd West Midlands Police, 4th Bulwell A, 5th Derby City, 6th Garibaldi A, 7th Nottingham Crusaders A, 8th Leicester


1996/97 and 1997/98 I don't know but somewhere around that time Bulwell folded


1998/99 (also Nottingham Crusaders' last season in the Yorkshire League; Garibaldi lasted a little longer and Clowne had just folded): 1st Derby City Also rans (no particular order as I don't have one): Birmingham Bulls, Garibaldi A, Nottingham Crusaders A, Toyota-Ilkeston


The league folded after this season and then new club Nottingham Outlaws and Derby City joined the RLC where Derby City already had a team

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FWIF 85-86 had the following teams (I don't have a table): Langwith Gate, Garibaldi, Clowne, Trent Polytechnic, Loughborough College, Anglia Polytechnic

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