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Rugby league in London, what next?

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You didn't answer my question parky. Are you saying that withdrawal of the benefactors you mention would not have a detrimental affect on our game?


No I am saying a re-organisation of the Superleague away from each club is an island and each other SL club can raid the others regardless of the detrimental effect of the game is a positive option for the game.


You make some sort of a gross assumption all benefactors will leave, it may be the case that a well considered set up will make benefactors want to stay. It may well be the case that clubs like London would find benefactors more easily if the rest of the game didn't make running them an utterly poisoned chalice, in which the benefactor just gets Pelters all the time..


It may also be the case that if benefactors get fed up and walk away - Wilkinson's walk left Salford for dead, Hudgell nearly walked - the initial detrimental effect would help force change.


But you may note you speak of a detriment to "the game", so I think not. A detriment to "The club" certainly but one of the problems is for instance Koukash and Nahaboo trying to prop up clubs with little resources and nobody in at Castleford or (until recently) Bradford, to drive much better business options.


It's a massive detriment to the game when we allow rich men to buy a place in Superleague.

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I can see a long line of people waiting to invest Wakefield when their main purpose is to provide opposition to Leeds and then hand over the money to Broncos to pay for a nationwide league that they won't be part of.

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