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Town vs fev

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It sounds like the Wigan way from what Shaun Wane said at the VP evening a few months back. He will get the best for his players but in return he demands the best from them. Wane said that they even video training sessions and woe betide anyone who tries to cheat their way through the sessions. If he asks for 25 press-ups and somebody does only 15 they are warned and the next time they will find themselves packing their bags. You can see on the TV how much the Wigan players love Wane as their coach and I'm sure Vievers is building up the same raport with our lads and making them better players.

Bobbie Goulding seems to have the same sort of ethos at Barrow. He dropped a player and many fans were questioning why as the player seemed to have a good game in the previous game. Goulding replied that the player had made 4 or 5 basic errors in that game besides the good things that the fans saw and he left him out of the team to work it out.

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