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 The club are are publishing a brochure to commemorate the the 25 years of playing at Huntington Stadium and would like the fans input into the best York players of this era.


Pick a team from Ryedale/York and York Wasps and also a Knights Team. Only criteria is that they must have played for York at  (Ryedale) Huntington Stadium.



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The first one is far too difficult -

Knights team..

Johnny Woodcock

Austin Buchanan

Neil Law

James Ford

Peter Fox

Danny Brough

Chris Thorman

Rich Wilson

Lee Jackson

Rich Hayes

Simon Friend

Dave Buckley


Scott Rhodes

Jimmy Elston

Adam Sullivan

Jack Aldous

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Ryedale/York Wasps

1. Dave Watson

2. Leigh Deakin

3. Graham Sullivan

4. Garry Atkins

5. Alex Godfrey

6. Brad Davis

7. Steve Dobson

8. Rich Hayes

9. Stewart Horton

10. Michael Smith

11. Mick Ramsden

12, Geoff Pryce

13 Tawara Nickau


14 Mark Cain

15 Daz Callagan

16 Steve Craven

17 Alan Pallister




1. Chris Smith

2. Tom Lineham

3. James Ford

4. Neil Law

5. Peter Fox

6. Chris Thorman

7 Danny Brough

8. Rich Hayes

9. Lee Jackson

10. Dave Buckley

11. Simon Friend

12. Mick Ramsden

13. Trevor Krause


14. Alex Godfrey

15 Dan Potter

16 Adam Sullivan

17. Paul Broadbent

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