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Hello! Is there anybody out there?

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As usual I hesitate to say this but  to me a loss to Hemel kind of represents another backwards step.Hemel would have been that team you played in a very early round of the cup and beat easily.Now they beat us.Perhaps the lads who usually come on here are facing up to the reality.You can't knock anyone for trying ,not the team ,not the coach,not the supporters but there is always just enough lack of quality to take the next step.

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I believe many people don't post because most times it is hijacked by the anti CH brigade.


On Sunday Hemel beat us by playing more intelligently ,certainly using the wind in the second half in their kicking.


How do you motivate a team when the coach spends most of the second half with his back to the game?


Hemel, Gloucester & London are not the teams they were last year, they have all improved tremendously.

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