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TotalRL NRL Tipping Competition 2014 Round 14 Results Posted; Awards Presented

NRL Round 14 Poll  

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  1. 1. How many single figure wins will there be in NRL Round 14

    • 0 - all the R14 margins of victory will be by 10 or more points
    • 1 game will produce a final score where the winning margin will be 9 points or fewer
    • 2 games
    • 3 games
    • 4 games
    • 5 games will produce final scores where the winning margin will be 9 points or fewer

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They may re think his new 5 year deal after tonights show, well done pie eaters

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Panthers vs Dragons played. Kite had a big game. Mansour sharp as ever. Marshall still rusty and needs more fitness.Panthers made plenty of errors. Too many incomplete sets.

Dragons competed well but playing catch up. Panthers won and that's 6/6 for them.

Dragons came so close!

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Not a classic performance by Roosters but enough to wear down the Knights.

Wins today then Panthers and Roosters.

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Eels played well to beat a powerful but directionless Dogs side.

The final score probably didn't reflect how much better the Eels were than their opponents on the day.

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With one game to play in the round here's where we're at:

 3 home wins 1 away

Points: 149; average points per match 37.25

1 single figure win - Pan v Dra (18-14)


Top scorers so far:

JimBronco 4/4 (tipping Storm on Monday)

Simon Kerr 4/4 (tipping Storm on Monday)


There's 12 of us on 3/4, five of whom are tipping Storm and seven tipping a Titans win.

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Hi Southstander,

Hoping you might see this before the round kicks off.

Did you mean 4 away wins as you put or the 1 away win your selections suggested?

If I don't hear from you I'll have to go with what you put in your entry.




Only just seen this, yeah I clearly got my home and aways mixed up! Oh well, not to worry!


Thanks for trying to point this out to me before the round kicked off though, just didn't see it!

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Rabbitohs 32 - 10 Tigers  Home Win (Points difference = 22)
Panthers 18 - 14 Dragons  Home Win (Points difference = 4  A single figure win)
Roosters 29 - 12  Knights Home Win (Points difference = 17)
Bulldogs 12 - 22 Eels Away Win (Points difference = 10)
Titans 20 - 24 Storm Away Win (Points difference = 4  A single figure win)

NRL Round 12 Summary
Winners: Rabbitohs, Panthers, Roosters and Storm 
2 Away Wins
Points total: 193
Poll: Number of single figure wins :  2 - Panthers v Dragons, Titans v Storm

Tipping Comp Results /5:
Bourbon Rat 4

thirteenthman 3
Railway End 3

JimBronco 5

Southstander13  4

G Las D 3

R L Winger 3

Simon Kerr 5

Barney 4
Rugby Female 2

Stoney100 4
Lounge Room Lizard 4

Marv Woodburn 3
Kiwityke 3

Oikee 3

Match Tipping:
There were two top scorers this round both with full marks 5/5 :
JimBronco and Simon Kerr Hearty congratulations to you both!

When the tie breaker  (nearest to points total) was applied, our winner this week was Jim Bronco (-6) from Simon (+ 8)
Fair to good for most of us tipsters this week.

Points Total 193 points Closest to this were Thirteenthman and  Kiwityke (both on -5)

The Away Win comp was won this week by JimBronco, R L Winger and Simon Kerr  who all correctly predicted there'd be 2 away wins.
Our  Poll Comp was won by Bourbon Rat, Railway End, JimBronco, Simon Kerr, Barney, Lounge Room Lizard, Stoney100 and Kiwityke who all predicted tthere'd be two games decided by a single figure margin

Animated awards will be presented to this week's winners as soon as I've been able to create them. The tipping comp ladder(s) will be updated likewise asap.
Our Round 15 tipping competition will be posted shortly.

Congratulations to our top class top scorers this week JimBronco and Simon Kerr both with 100% correct tipping!
Thanks to everyone who took part.


Don't forget to enter our State of Origin 2 tipping competition with a thread of it's own

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*************  ROUND 14  *************
 ------------- AWARDS ------------- 
************** ProperTipsterR142014_zps7d3a15d3.gif **************

PointsR142014_zpsea7811e0.gif * AwayR142014_zps4cd923f0.gifPollR142014_zpse59b91ea.gif * LeadersR142014_zps4be85bc4.gif

Congratulations to JimBronco and Simon Kerr our 100% top scorers this week.
Our group strike rate was 53/75 or  71% B)
Fair Do's!
The Round 15 competition will be posted shortly.

The Tipsters' Ladder has been posted in a pinned thread
at the top of our forum  with the R14 results of our efforts.
Remember to take part in our Origin 2 Tipping Comp. Get your predictions in before kick off on Wednesday this week.
Good Luck in  Round 14 everyone

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