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The silence is deafening.......

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.....have you all gone on holiday? I know recent results have been more than disappointing,but you can`t tell me nobody goes to games anymore,or are you all watching the round ball game at the moment?  

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It is certainly quiet in relation to our disappointing form since April/May, resulting in 7 successive defeats and crucially, zero bonus points.


Observing from afar, it's good (sometimes not so good) to see the views from local fans and opinions of the situation, win or lose.

The previews and reports from "TLCRF" are invaluable and from the latest it appears that we put in a better performance on Sunday against high flying Fax.

It was never going to be easy stepping up to this level against the established, free-spending sides, having 6 consecutive away games and with 5 to be relegated.

The two performances against Leigh in particular, keeping within 12/16 points, makes it even more disappointing that for 5 games each we've shipped 40 points, without one BP. 

Defence helps win games and for me at least, this should have been priority 1 to help keep us in this league, better revenue streams and status.

So, now 12 points from safety, another away game at Keighley before the next homer - an easier one v Fev!

Hopefully the team will give supporters good reason to cheer over the remaining 11 games, 6 at home and finish the season on a high.

If, as seems likely now, we return to the new Championship 1 next season, it will be that much harder to be promoted again with 4 Championship teams coming with us, and 6 away games, perhaps to more southern outposts!   At least we shall have this season's experience and a small parachute payment to help the pain and prepare us for visits to Whitebank - unless of course they take our place!


So, any views on the situation/future?


By the way, is Ryan Millard injured?  I've seen nothing about him anywhere.

Congrats to Paul Crook for reaching the 1000 point mark.


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It was reported that Millard was injured for the game at Halifax. Your defence there was terrible. Particularly when Halifax moved the ball wide. Our defence was not sliding across very well leaving a 3 on 2 or 4 on 2 on a number of occasions.

It was a vet noticeable fact that the pitch at Halifax was very good. But there again they play football on it in winter and don't have to play away for six weeks like we do every season. Maybe they could let us know the secret.????????????????

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